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Good Morning, to whom it may help me, I had received a dui, on December of 2013, no arrest were made, No alcohol,
I had given blood, cam back positive for medications prescribed for the treatment of PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis and major depressive disorder, the problems were from my involvement in the Iraq war, life after two many deployments really had an effect on me, I spent ten days in jail, the dui was for meds to help me, alcohol was not a factor, the judge has imposed that I use an interlock device, when no alcohol was found, how do I fight this
While I'm not an Idaho attorney, I can tell you that the interlock requirement is statutorily mandated if you have a...
Hi was wondering if I can get my citizenship with a DUI back in 2010 that i am still on probation. Please let me know.
DUI in 2010
Dear Twin Falls, Do Not Apply for any Immigration Benefits until your probation is completed. Once your probation...
I had a dui in the state of Arizona in 2009, can I get a teaching license in the state of Idaho,?
I was giving a dui in the state of Arizona in 2009, I complied with court, fines were all paid. Can I get a teaching degree in the state of Idaho now?
I don't think it would get in the way, but you should be certain to disclose it if asked on an application.
What is my best bet dui court or take the sentance
2nd dui already pled guilty
The answer to this question depends on a number of factors that are specific to your case and your situation. If you...
Will I be able to drop my first offense charges for frequenting? Possibly even over the phone? The cop said it was a possibility
The other night I went with a friend to her boyfriends hotel room. While we were there (I was totally unaware that she had marijuana on her or that she had the intention of smoking) she and her boyfriend went into his room and I followed of course and she began to light up.. I didn't smoke any, and I never have. After about twenty minutes,(after everything had been put away and we were just sitting on the bed playing video games) his step mom who stays in a room down the hall came barging in yelling at us, and says she smells marijuana so she calls the police refusing to let any of us leave the room. The police came and charged me with Frequenting, he accused me of smoking as well but only charged me with frequenting. This is my first misdemeanor ever... Advice?
It would be best to hire an attorney to deal with this. Robert Driessen
Hi my charge is Excessive DUI 5 hours in jail 3 days work detail and 1 year suspended driver license I plead voluntarily guilty
It was DUI program I completely successful graduated and already judge dismissed me this program is support withholding judgment .Im green card holder I want to become citizen and have no idea it's will be bad problem for me I heard DUI is not involve crime of moral turpitude and also I had before trespass but attorney district even doesn't open my case for first time it's mean I didn't pay bails I didn't see judge for first time they excuse me .Please somebody tell me I need to hire immigration attorney 3 month ago guy became citizen with 2 DUI in Idaho .
You should discuss this with an attorney but the last time I heard immigration was not considering intoxication cases...
In idaho can they bring up a 17 yr old dui conviction to count on a thired dui if i am 26 now
got dui at 17 yrs old 21 and 26 is this a third
The answer is found in Idaho Code § 18-8005 - if the two prior convictions were within 10 years, the third DUI is a...