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  • Man gets prison for traveling to Aurora hotel to hav...

    18 hrs ago | via Chicago Tribune 

    A Hanover Park man has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to traveling to an Aurora hotel for a sexual encounter with a teen girl. Nabeel Afsar, 23, of the 1300 block of Santa Anita Drive, Hanover Park, agreed Thursday to a sentence of 33 months in prison in exchange for his guilty plea to traveling to meet a minor, a Class 3 felony, the Kane County State's Attorney's Office announced Thursday afternoon.


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What steps do I need to take to reinstate a revoked drivers license in Illinois due to multiple DUI's?
Hello, I am trying to reinstate a revoked drivers license in Illinois due to multiple DUI's. I am eligible for reinstatement, but need some advice from a professional. Please help!
Before you can even consider seeking reinstatement of your drivers license, you should speak in person to a DUI...
I have a Hardship license in Illinois due to a DUI. I have a job opportunity but its in Seattle WA. can I have it transferred?
I cant get my license reinstated till 2017. What is the process I can take to get a hardship in the State of Washington or can I somehow transfer my hardship in Illinois to Washington State.?
No. Illinois does not have jurisdiction to tell a resident of WA that it must honor an Ill RDP. If you are eligible...
Had 2 dui's. 1st one in 1999 2nd one in 2013. am i eligible for a rdp in illinois
2nd conviction june 21,2013 . do i have to wait 1 year before requesting a rdp
Can't answer without knowing what the outcome of the first DUI was. It you were convcited, then you have to wait a year....
Can I deal with arrest warrant from aboard?
"Can I deal with arrest warrant from aboard?Due to health issues I had to leave USA 2 weeks before court date. I was waiting for my Green card, but due to health issues departed without applaying for Advanced Parole document which allows me to return to US.It was DUI case. Right now I'm in green card process that I converted from AOS to Consular processing. I think that visa will be denied due to arrest warrant. How to deal with arrest warrant from aboard, before interview in US Embassy?
Getting a motion to quash and recall the warrant on file would likely assist in avoiding denial of the visa based on...
I am on probation for a dui in dupage county illinois. i been on probation for a year now and i have 4 months until its done. If
I test positive on my drug test will my probation officer violate me.
Almost always the probation terms require an absolute clean record throughout the period for probation. If you test...
Do I qualify for DACA renewal with a DUI?
I just submitted my application for DACA renewal. I had a DUI in September of 2015. After a year of court, the case was dismissed. Would I be at risk of not getting approved for a renewal?
If there was never a conviction or admission of guilty, you should be fine. But be prepared for the new president to...
Is a DUI reduced to reckless driving considered a criminal conviction?
I was charged with a DUI and was able to get it reduced to Reckless driving. I was sentenced to court supervision. I was recently offered a job and the criminal background check question is "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation (do not include convictions that have been expunged, sealed or adjudicated delinquent)?" I don't whether to put yes and explain or no. I was told that since I plead guilty it's considered a conviction.
Under Illinois law, a sentence of court supervision is not a conviction. The wording of the question is very important....