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If someone were to plea guilty to a DUI in MD while a PA resident then later move to MD. What would happen to driving privilege
Counseling completed, fines paid, attending AA mtg and seeing monitor. anything change like interlock, etc?
I suggest that you re-post your question with MD as the jurisdiction to receive responses from attorneys who are...
I am under supervision of dui court. I injured my back and am in severe pain and am being denied any type of prescribed meds. ?
I have been to the doctors and they've prescribed me non-narcotic medicine and i am still not allowed to take anything. My doctor has also put me on temporary disablity from work. I have been suffering debilitating pain for a month now and for the court to deny me any sort of relieve seems inhumane and down right cruel. My doctors have tried to talk to my P.O. to let him know my situation but nothing is getting through to them. If my pain continues my doctor wants to operate on my back. I guess my question is there anyway i could sue the court for pain and suffering or is there anyway i can get them to listen to reason?
The question regarding suing the court for pain and suffering should be listed under another practice area. That being...
I violated my probation
I have a vop for failing to get into drug and alcohol treatment within the allotted time period. I am in it now and things are going well. My PO says he's not going to push for jail time or anything like that. Will I be ok? I'm on a PBJ in carrol county md
The sentence you get for a violation of probation is up to the Court. It's good to hear that your probation officer...
When do I get my CRN for my ARD application?
I got an underage DUI and am planning to apply to ARD. However I cannot apply for it until me preliminary hearing. However when I checked on the district attorneys website it said that you must complete your CRN three weeks within your preliminary hearing. Does that mean after the preliminary I have three weeks to get my CRN or three weeks before the preliminary hearing?
It means 3 weeks after your preliminary hearing. Getting accepted onto ARD in York County is a very specific process,...
Can I get it expunged from m y record and will I be doing jail time?
I am 20 years old and was stopped at a check point and got my blood taken and had to do a breathalyzer. I thought they said it was 1.13 but I am pretty sure that would be deadly... so maybe it was .113 or something. But this is my first offense and the only other trouble I have ever gotten into was a speeding ticket while on my provisional. It was just me in the car and I caused no harm to anyone or myself and caused no damage of property.
It's good your not 1.3 yes you would have been dead. Before you talk about expungement you need to see the best way to...
Second underage drinking offense
I have gone through an alternative pre-adjudication program for my first underage drinking conviction. I recently have gotten another underage offense will this next offense be charged as a second offense or will it count as my first offense? It was a year and two days separating the the program I went through and the second violation.
Speak with a PA attorney ASAP!
Will I be able to sit for my PA Nursing Boards with multiple DUIs on my background?
I have been taking classes at community college and was planning on applying to PSU for the RN program but am getting different information as to if my background will prevent me from taking my boards. I have a total of 3 DUIs, the last 2 were sentenced togeather on 10/31/12. The RN program is a two year program and I wouldn't be starting until fall of 2014, so some time will have passed by the time I take my boards.
If I where you I would check what the actual requirements are to sit for this exam and what could possibly exclude you...