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What to do if you didn't file for an mva hearing in time before license was suspended for a DUI?
My girlfriend got arrested for a DUI. She went to her court date in July and got it continued so she can use the public defenders office. She was issued a temp license. but didn't know she had to request an mva hearing. She got pulled over today and got a ticket for driving on a suspended. What can she do to get an extension of her temp license or a restricted license that allows her to at least drive to work?
If 30 days have expired and it sounds like it has, then it is too late to file for a hearing or elect the ignition...
My wife drove drunk, I have it on video her pulling in and then her walking in and I ask her about it. Can I use this in court?
Going through a divorce and want to use this as evidence.
if she did not consent to the audio (her voice being recorded) then you would not be able to use the audio, but could...
I had a DUI that resulted in a PBJ in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Get i get it expunged?
I had a DUI that resulted in a probation before judgment in Maryland. It has been 3 years since the end on my probation. Can I get it expunged, at least in the records potential employers would have access too?
Unfortunately, no. That offense is one that the General Assembly does not allow to be expunged.
I have a 2 part question for an experienced criminal (DUI) attorney and seeking input on defense exploits.
The DA is hanging her hat on a blood draw from a hospital. A supeana decces teum was issued. Atty. Justin McSHANE, exhaustively covers hospital blood draws:not forensic. Before getting into that level of debate, what would defense approach be if: 1) I was detained not arrested, in hospital ICU with TBI, did not consent (I was cognitively impaired with a subdural hematoma, a potentially life threatening injury), officer either waited for an ETOH reading (time-stamp) then charged me, or charged me before the reading. Would DA need a grand jury supeana to satisfy HIPPA laws? Does Missouri vs McNeally apply? Qualified personnel, can I demand that the nurse (if it was a nurse) who took my blood be present at trial, the tech\analyst, the custodian of records, ect?
The questions you ask are highly technical and are factually dependent and thus require a careful review of the...
What's involved in having a DUI charge that was dropped expunged from your record in Maryland?
All started over year ago
If all charges were dropped (nolle prossequi), then you can file a Petition for Expungement. You will need to attach a...
Can I get a pbj ruling if I got one for a dui 2 yrs ago and that probation is over?
Hi I got pulled over today and the cop in anne Arundel county said I did a rolling stop and issued me a driver fail to make required stop at sign. Ta 21-202(m). W another 2 additional warnings. I got a dui in 2012 and the verdict cam out as pbj for a year w no moving violation (bc I was driving recklessly). The probation period was over last April 2014. I haven't had any tickets since the dui tickets in 2012. My question is is it worth going to court for? If I do go to court am I able to go for another pbj judgement or plea bargain for a point reduction or will the judge look down upon my record and issue me the same points, fine plus court costs??
Yes, you can get a PBJ for the failure to stop at a stop sign, but the prior DUI would be considered by the judge....
If dl is restricted in one state can I get a non-restricted dl in another state ?
A state that I used to live in is giving me a restricted dl status but I am not getting an actual restricted dl there because I dont live there any more ! Once they unlock the DMV computer (since I have met there requirements), can I go to my new state of residence to get a non-restricted dl ? Or will the current state also restrict my dl ? The crimes for restriction were for DWI 3rd. in 10 years but they are 9 , 12 and 14 years old! Will my restricted status and interlok install info be posted on DMV computer for new state to see and act on ? There is currently an interlok device installed on my wife's car for me to use I had it installed in new state.
States are supposed to be able to see restrictions, revocations, etc from other states and they will treat you...