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Staute of limitations for dui, in kansas
My husband got a dui, child endangerment, and a few other charges, all are misdemeanors, he went to court the judge dismisses all charges, but the state can still file charges. How long does prosecution have to file charges?
The general statute of limitations in Kansas is 5 years. Some circumstances can lengthen this period as well.
How do I go about resolving this DUI.
Ticketed in 2009 for DUI in Kansas, I have not been to court for it. I live in North Carolina now. How can I resolve this?
You hire a criminal defense attorney (DUI defense attorney) who practices in the venue where you were ticketed.
Will the 2nd dui become a felony? Will the 2nd state charges affect the first state charges and probation if finalized?
My husband got stopped for dui in one state and 30 days later got stopped again in another state blowing double & 2 kids in car. The prosecutor is aware of the dui and choosing to just proceed with first dui charges to base probation and classes. Is it possible to carry out two different sentences for each state? Or should they be combined? Can a dui lawyer address the 2 charges for child endangerment?
Criminal charges have to be handled where they occurred, usually in the county of occurrence. Therefore, you cannot...
DUI Arrest and dismissal?
I was arrested for a DUI but, a year 1/2 later was dismissed because my blood never made it to the lab. No case was file. My dismissal order only says the reference numbers of the tickets I received including the DUI. My question is how will it show on my finger prints when I tried to become a US citizen.
(1) I am glad, for you, that the DUI case was dismissed (for lack of prosecution). My guess is that such dismissal...
When does Administrative Hearing happen after DUI(drugs not alcohol) arrest happen? Did not receive a pink slip for DL.
Arrest date 11-27-17, blew negative for alcohol so they drew blood and currently waiting KBI report. I also was cited for reckless driving. I did not have my DL taken away and did not receive a pink slip to replace my DL. When does the administrative hearing happen? Will I be notified so I can be physically present for the hearing? I told the officer I had vertigo, was not drunk and yes I take prescription medication but I was not intoxicated. The cop kept saying "you must be intoxicated or you have a medical condition"..I kept telling him its medical but I ended up in jail anyways. Any info on the administrative process and how/when it may happen would be appreciated.
Well, the good news is that, under present administrative law in Kansas, there is no, independent, action for...
What type of questions do they ask at a dui evaluation in NW Kansas ?
Got a DUI in Kansas in July, just now they’re going to get to the case, it’s November, their wanting an evaluation but I’m not sure what to expect, feel like I’m in the dark
An alcohol/drug evaluation is required, under Kansas law, for first, and second, offense misdemeanor sentencing on a...
Can you still buy a gun if you are on probation for 1st dui in Kansas ?
on probation for dui want to by a gun for myself for christmas
A first time DUI conviction in Kansas does not make you a prohibited person under Kansas law, nor under federal law....