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I got a dui in washington state 5 years ago. I havent driven since and I now live in Wyoming. Can I get a license in wyoming?
Washington dmv told me I'd need interlock device for 5 years. This seems a little harsh. Ive completed alcohol treatment & have been sober over 3 years now. Should I get a lawyer & try to get this reduced or maybe write letter? I just dont know my options. A lawyer may be cheaper than 5yrs of interlock payments. But could a lawyer actually help?
Wow, your questions leave a whole lot unanswered. But to try, if you got a DWI in Washington years ago and not...
How long does it take before getting sentenced for felony DUI? How likely am I to get sentencing alternative?
I got charged with a felony DUI(4th dui) on December 30th 2017. There isn't a preliminary set yet, but will be set very soon I'm sure. I am in the process of gathering the funds for private counsel, but I am having trouble coming up with what I need so I want more time to gather funds and sufficient time for my attorney to go over the case. Can I get it pushed back further? I also am wanting to do an in patient treatment program instead of prison time. I am ready to change my life and be sober for my family of 5, my disabled dad who I am a caretaker for, and myself. What are my options and is it even possible to get sentence alternatives? Even if its alcohol/drug court, half way house, longer intense probation, anything. Also I started AA meetings all ready to help me in my sobriety journey. Thank you.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation and glad to hear your pursuing resources that are helpful for your sobriety....
Whatdo I need to expect, I have been charged with DUI and misdemeanor child endangerment?
I have no prior endangerment charges. I was driving drunk with my son in the car, I just want to know how to get my son back.
These are very serious charges, hire a local criminal and family attorney immediately.
I got a DUI it's my 3rd on in 10 years I have several pryor's one fell off record 1 year ago can the prosecutor make it a felon?
Drove friend to convenient store, pulled over for head light out, Blew 0.144% in vehicol with no interlock device. Should I go to treatment program before court date, Will it help me or will they try to make it a felony? Casper, Wy
If it is too far back no. But they will not be offering favorable pleas. Contact an attorney in your area. Sounds...
Can I be charged with possession if my fingerprints are found on perifinalia in an old residence?
Let's say I moved out of a residence recently, and had left drug related objects in a spot that wasn't found until months later when renovations we're being done?
First, I doubt the police are going to try to obtain fingerprints on a pipe or a bong. I do not think you have...
When you are required to get random drug and alcohol testing for a DUI are they urine tests or are they breath tests?
There hasn't been a court date set, I plead not guilty waiting for a public defender to get into contact with me. I have never been in trouble before.
You need to speak to your attorney. Each case is different........
How do you know if your getting a UA or a BA?
I got arrested for a DWI for the first time and have not ever been in trouble for anything but a traffic ticket, I was told I needed to go and get signed up for random drug and alcohol testing. Does it just depend on the day or when you go to test if they are doing a Urine or breath, I'm wondering because I always want to make sure I am ready to go to the bathroom. I was assigned a public defender and don't know what happens from there
A breath test is worthless in this instance. Alcohol only stays in your system for a short time and begins to weaken...