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Can the DA actually send me to prison for not receiving his "supervision" fee which was part of my sentence?
I received a 5 year suspended sentence for a DUI felony and a fine. I completed the 5 years with a clean record and paid my fine. But I forgot about the DA supervision fee and now back in jail and told I will be sentenced for the original time
If your probation period has ended without the DA filing an Application to Revoke then the State is out of time and you...
What test do you have to take in Oklahoma after your id has been expired for 7yrs? Would I take both test again or only one?
I had my id until 2010 it expired, it has been expired since I never got a new I'd or photo is due to my husband always driving were I needed, here recently I decided to get a job and my id so I can drive my self but I've called the dmv all they do is give me another number to call and I can never get answer, all I'm asking is if all need to take both test again the writing and driving or just one of them, thanks
I am not sure about this, but I believe you must take the written exam as well as the driving test. Call your local tag...
Can you be arrested for assumption of DWI or do they have to give you a breath test to prove your intoxicated before arrest
i was pulled over for no tail lights the officer then said he smelled alcohol in the vehicle after a search of the vehicle nothing was found and a valid drivers license and proof of insurance was giving no breath test was giving but he said i had red eyes and was possibly intoxicated so he handcuffed me i was placed in the police car and told i was being arrested for DWI read my rights and taken to jail i asked if i could call someone to get me car he said no i don't understand
A lawful arrest for DUI does not require that there be chemical testing of breath or blood. In my experience in PA,...
Can a officer arrest you for DWI without a breath test just on the assumption that you are intoxicated
i was arrested for DWI handcuffed read my rights then taken to jail car was towed with proof of insurance with no breath test he assumed i was intoxicated is that legal
See the answer I provided to the earlier version of this question. Good luck.
Can you help me find a post-conviction relief attorney please that that serves the Lawton Oklahoma Frederick Oklahoma area
My fiance is currently incarcerated in Hodgen Oklahoma he has put in a modification for drug treatment which was put in his sentencing by the judge however this was in January and he has not heard they had 20 days to respond we are trying to get him out and into Sequoyah County Drug Court that way he can be close to his family and get the drug treatment that he is needing
Use the find an attorney tab in this website.
What will happen if someone fail a drug test for probation officer?
My friend has a drug test and smoked. If they fail the drug test what will happen since they are on a five year deferred sentence? They take the urine test for their probation officer.
Their probation will be revoked. Get them a lawyer.
Will a DUI still show up on my driving record if my case was dismissed and expunged?
I am trying to get a job in Washington State and was arrested and charged with DUI with Drugs in Oklahoma state; Stroud in Lincoln County to be specific. Meaning I was not intoxicated by alcohol but was with marijuana, I never even lost my license. I was arrested 5-28-14, sentenced to a year of deferred probation. My probation ended on 1-12-2015 and I was given an Order of Dissmissal and Expungement of Record on 1-30-2105. The employer I'm interested in will pull a MVR on me, and I'm not to sure if it is a nationwide record or a state record. In either case, what are the chances of my past dui showing up on those records? I know that these cases can be complicated and vary greatly, but mine seems to be pretty simple and just an average case where I completed all of the requirements and it was dismissed. Any help is much appreaceated! I'm not necessarily seeking legal advice, but just want to have an idea of what may or may not pop up on a state or nationwide MVR.
There are two types of expungement in Oklahoma, and the type you described only affects court records, not your...