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Can I apply for a restricted license?
I have been convicted of a 3rd DUI and was sentenced to 150 days in jail with half time and no probation. I was charged in December of 2014 and my license has been suspended since April 2015. I have started my 18 months DUI school in June 2016. What would be the requirements for me to get my license reinstated through the DMV since the courts have sentenced me to straight time instead of probation.
The best person to ask this question of would be your lawyer as they are intimate with the facts of your case, Usually...
Can someone that 3 DUI and never paid fines and still going to court. Can leave to Nevada for the weekend
Can someone leave to Vegas Nevada if they have 3 DUI and still going to court???
There is no statute against it per se. However, that person needs to examine the conditions of his probation or his...
I was ordered to pay restitution for a dui in 2004 I finished my parole and my charges were dismissed now they garnish my wages
my question to you is, is There a statue of limitations
Ten years from the date when the court entered the restitution order. This period can be extended.
Husband's DUI # ?
My husband has gotten his 2nd DUI...well technically it's #4 total, but his first 2 were over 10 years ago. The 3rd, which was 2 years ago, was treated as a 1st offense. I know we definitely need a lawyer because we have 2 special needs children and can't chance him having jail time. What kind of conviction can we expect with his history of DUIs?
The law states not less than 90 days in jail nor more than one year and a fine of not less than three hundred ninety...
Im on informal probation for a dui, a public intoxication. i was arrested again 4 public intoxication, what will my sentence be?
i also was charged for giving a false i.d
That depends on a number of things. You will have to have someone look at the terms of your probation re alcohol, and...
How soon must blood be tested in a DUI case in Kings County California?
arrested after midnight on Friday night for DUI. Last beer was at 2 pm. Officer stopped because vehicle was smoking, not weaving. Passed Field sobriety tests, arrested anyway. Blood drawn at the jail by someone in scrubs. How soon must the blood be tested ? How soon must the report be written? Can the test be challenged if there was no probable cause for the stop?
The blood will be tested anywhere from the next day to a couple of weeks and you won't know for a while. You can...
Will a deferred entry of judgement, be on my record while taking FOP classes ?
Arrested for DUI and possession of controlled substance, first offense ever, and sentenced to DUI class and drug class and fine. but given deferred entry of judgement. Will it be entered on my record until I complete the course and pay fines off? How can I find out? Appointed a Public Defender.
Then you should ask your Public Defender.