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  • Whistleblower suit claims police sergeant traded fav...

    Tuesday Jan 19 | via MLive.com 

    A part-time River Rouge police officer filed a whistleblower lawsuit last week claiming that a sergeant had traded leniency in exchange for oral sex and that the former chief was once drunk on duty, records show. The suit, filed by Dennis G. Whittie in U.S. District Court against the city of River Rogue and police Chief Deborah Price, spells out a host of other allegations, as well, including instances of officers posting racist comments on Facebook and MIOSHA violations.


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In Michigan if you get caught for the second time driving with a suspended license, is it likely that you pay jail time?
In Michigan if you get caught for the second time driving with a suspended license, is it likely that you pay jail time? Can you plead guilty and pay off charges and/or do community service?
First, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney. They can help you. The answer to your question depends on...
Should I try to get my license back in Michigan after 2nd OWI?
Thank you for reading my question, I know that answering questions on here doesn't make you any money but here's my question: I'm 21 years old and have 2nd OWI in Michigan and will be able to go to the Drivers License Appeal in February for a hearing (the first hearing). I have 13 months of sobriety but I am still on probation and I can not afford an attorney to speak on my behalf at the hearing. Should I bother trying to get my license back? my P.O said she would write me a letter and I can get letters from AA and my family as well. Thank you.
It is my pleasure to answer your question; I'm happy to do it. I would advise you to NOT attempt to get your license...
Can a DUI charge be added to my open intox charge? This is my first offense, how severe will my punishment be?
First and foremost I want to say I was not driving under the influence. However, I Was Given a citation for open intox in the state of Michigan. That is the only citation I received that night. I Performed a field sobriety test, no Breathalyzer test was performed. The polite Officer allowed me to drive home after.
I would need more information about the stop to really answer the question. However, if there was no chemical test done...
I failed a PBT order by the judge before the sentencing of my second DUI what could happen?
I'm really scared for my job and my family and just want some answers
When you say you failed a PBT order does that mean you failed a PBT and tested positive for alcohol or you just missed...
Can I get my license back sooner than 5 years with extenuating circumstances?
2 DUI's within 5 years
If you only have two OWIs, you only have to wait one year to petition. It's five years if you have three or more OWIs....
I got a second DUI i went to court and they wanted random pbt. I was taking NyQuil because I been sick and blew a 0.14.
I just want to know what can possibly happen at this point for blowing over and I haven't been back to court yet for the second.
a .14 with only nyquil?? Did you drink an entire case? Second DUIs are serious. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a...
Charges with driving while. Intoxicated
at the Pretrail the plea agreement was a year supervised probation haft to go back to to court in one month to sign the plea deal. what does that mean. Have the prosector already tallked to the judge about this or will. That be when i find out if the judge excepts it and of he dont then what. Can i loose my license. Then
I don't really know enough about your case to be able to answer your question. Usually for misdemeanor cases (which...