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My husband was arrested on a parole violation. But the dates and times are wrong. Can we sue?
Parole officer says he failed several drug test. The dates are wrong and the tests were all negative. We have proof. Feeling is they were out to get him.
The first thing to do is to hire a competent probation violation attorney to represent him at his revocation hearing....
What do the police in VA need to convict you for drunk in public?
I was ridding my skateboard to get cigerrettes through town in the street. As i turn a corner im pulled over. The cop told me I blew a stop sign. Since being so nervous around cops I begin to stutter really badly, like if I was drunk. Officer proceeds to ask me if I've dranken anything tonight. I say I had a beer or two at my buddies. He said he could smell the alcohol on my breath. And had me sign a yellow sheet to show up in court. And let me go home with my friends.
The office is smelling of alcohol and your admission to having consumed alcohol would seem to be strong evidence...
I was convicted of a 3 dui with no arresting officer who never showed up from day 1. plus after she chargered me she had been
fired for a dui and the judge knew this and still said that i was guilty and me court appointed lawyer knew to and he had already to me but i knew before him that she had been fired . should my case been thrown out because i have the right to face my accuser but the judge lied on the stand and said that they could not find her when i asked were was she. is there any thing that i can do?
How can you be convicted without a witness against you? I guess you pled guilty. I am storey but you tale so far makes...
I have a ASAP fees due but i am unemployed and still cant find work what can be done?
I was convicted of a DUI had a blood test of .09 They gave me 85 hours community serivce, Suspended lince for a year and ASAP classes
Unless the judge specifically waives it, everyone who is convicted of DUI in Virginia is required to attend a VASAP...
DUI - Was this probable cause?
My husband was pulled over for going 37 in a 55. The speed limit had just changed - half a mile. He had been in his car with the license and registration for a good minute when the lights started bothering my husband, he opened his door and asked if the officer could possibly turn off his lights. He then looked at his eyes and gave him a breathalyzer, which he blew a 0.18. This is the first time my husband has ever been in any trouble. The officer never read him his rights, which I understand isn't always necessary. But he also never told him he had the right to an attorney, or anything. My question is this - was this indeed probable cause to pull us over? I felt that half a mile after the speed limit increase isn't much time to accelerate, and he was going 37, which obviously means that he was accelerating. The officer may have even turned his lights on before the speed limit change. Also, does the fact that my husband has severe acid reflux (which can cause a higher bac) help us any?
The officer does not need probable cause, merely reasonable suspicion. Driving slowly can be grounds for a traffic...
DUI - is there any chance of a charge reduction?
My husband has a clean record. We were pulled over for driving 37 in 55, just after the speed limit change. The officer may have even turned on his lights before the change. After taking the lincense and registration, he stayed at his car for a good while. My husband began to feel very ill and opened his door to ask if the officer could possibly turn off his lights. He then looked at his eyes before giving him a breathalyzer, he blew a 0.18. It is very crucial to his career that he is not convicted. We are willing to pay for the best lawyer. I has a few questions. My husband has severe acid reflux, which can alter breathalyzer test, and he also had a fever. He was not acting drunk - not staggering, slurring, or anything. The only field test performed was the officer looking into his eyes. Is there any chance of getting the accuracy of the BAC test challenged? There was no blood test performed. Was pulling us over that soon after the speed limit change even probable cause? We are making appointments this week, we just need some peace of mind that it is not entirely hopeless. Thank you
The Fourth Amendment requires that the police have "reasonable articulable suspicion" before making a traffic stop. If...
How can I obtain a California License with a DUI from Virginia?
Hello. I was convicted of a DUI January, 28th 2016 in Virginia. I completed the mandatory ASAP classes and paid all court fines. I sold my vehicle after I was convicted so I never held a restricted license or had an interlock blower in a car. It's been well over a year but I want to obtain my License. Will I be able to get. Virginia license if I buy a vehicle, get the FR44, without have a interlock placed on my vehicle since it's been over a year? Or if I move to California, as I plan to in a month or 2, will I have to get it over there as well? I am asking because if I have to get an interlock placed on my car in Virginia, I won't be able to schedule follow ups to the interlock location once a month.
You say you sold your vehicle so "never held a restricted license...", which is inaccurate. Convicted of DUI means...