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can we still file an appeal and what are the chances of his getting his truck back? he is currently in rehab. along with the dui he was charged with driving without a license, while under suspension, crossing over the line in the road and refusing a breathalyser test. If to late for an appeal what if anything can we do?
I need more information to answer your question. There are DEFINITELY OPTIONS. Feel free to call me Today to discuss...
I have a dui, that i got when i was seventeen. last time i went to court the judge told me he had no record of my having a dui. At the same time i been stopped driving with out a license but the judge never knew bout my dui case until i brought it up.
Not sure I understand the question. Was your license suspended by the Juvenile court due to the driving without...
I just finally read the letter that was sent to my parents house to report to court next week for failing my interlock several times but it also says I failed to appear on the charge of an O.V.I earlier this month.... I never got anything in the mail to go to court and most importantly I never got an O.V.I so is it just citing the original charge or are they charging my with an O.V.I for the interlock testing over .08 or something?
You should not be charged with OVI based on anything done on an ignition interlock! If you are dealing with Fairfield,...
I own a bar and I have heard from people that a judge here in my town is just outright talking bad about my business in open court. She has apparently done this more than once and I feel like it has really hurt my business. I would like to know if this is considered slander,libel, defamation or something along those lines. I also would like to know if or how I could get the recordings and review them, I do not have exact dates but willing to take the time to locate the times she has talked bad about my place of business. For her to say these things is absurd and has hurt my business and my families lively hood.
Defamation seems to be a very common question on AVVO. I suggest looking up the numerous questions and answers that...
Who is eligible for each, what are the requirements, what are the chances of being granted either one.
Judicial release depends on the level of offense and type of offense. It also depends on whether any of the time is...
Are the judges in the state of ohio required to send a person to prison to serve mandatory time or is that an option? Can the judge sentence anything else besides prison?
Ohio OVI sentencing varies widely based on the number of prior offenses and the circumstances of the OVI allegation....
mandatory time must it be prison or can it be county jail
Your mandatory time will be in prison.