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Dmv suspended my license because of a .01 on my blowing device and my restriction is .04 .my lawyer schedualed the hearing to
keep them in between time i was going to court but they did not notify him about the date of it so i had to go alone . they therfore suspended my license on a alcohol violation from my records . but i thought that the purpose of the device was to keep you from driving intoxicated and it served its purpose so could they get away with that?
You should strongly consider speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. You may be able to appeal.
Can I obtain a driving while license revoked charge from blowing a .04 bac after having ran a red light ?
I have restriction 20 on my license and have ignition interlock in my car.
It depends on your exact license status. If you have gotten a regular license back and you are subject to a .04...
Can I lose my license from violating a restricted license barely with a .04 or can this be legally beating .
Cops illegaly searched my vehicle
Yes, if you violate a license restriction they can revoke your privileges. Consult an attorney.
Dwi -V- dui in NC and how long do courts have to have your dwi heard
In NC if charged for dwi. Is it law that courts have 120 days to have u in court? Not dui their is a difference correct?? I thought dui for state can go for year or better on length of misdemeanor in court an dwi is 120 a must an have to. An if they don't have you in court then what??? I
They probably should summons you to court in a matter of days. You should get on avvo's lawyer referral page and see...
What are a persons rights at dui checkpoints
I have always been curious about an individuals rights at dui checkpoints... I've read before that when stopped by an officer that you don't even have to roll your window down as long as you place your I'd and registration in a bag out the top of it. And then I recently just watched this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch? time_continue=319&v=tLnhSl1ajyc ..... so what are citizens rights at dui checkpoints? What are we required to do and cooperate with? And also does this guy in the video have any recourse for the dog scratching his car? And do we really have any rights at all when they can simply exagerate a dogs reaction and say that he hit on the car?
You have a lot of questions but the easiest answer is that you simply have the right to refuse all field sobriety tests....
I received a DWI and blew .15 in North Carolina. Is there any hope for me.
I was pulled over driving .5 of a mile home on Friday night. I passed all the field sobriety tests and had conversations with the officers for awhile. They were going to let my girlfriend drive us home without penalty as I was very coherent and co-operative. However, she admitted to drinking as well so that wasn't allowed. I blew a .15 So at that point they had to arrest me. I'm truly devastated and outright ashamed. My driving record is very good. I there any hope for me getting a lesser possible level 5 DUI or maybe even a wreck less driving case? I'm hoping I can pay the fines (even a larger one) community service, and whatever else is required of me. Anything to be able to get a provisional license for a year and no interlock device.
You need a good DUI attorney. They will know all the options and try to mitigate this. In the meantime you need some...
Help with dui
I have another dui Jan 30 2016. My last was may 7 2008. I blew a .15 both times. Nobody was in my car and didn't wreck or anything. I posted earlier but I wanted to clarify. My driving record has 1 speeding ticket. Unsafe movement 2 seat belts and 4 inspection violations. No tickets since 08. I'm 35. Same full time job 10 years. 6 kids. I don't know what the outcome will be. Any help would be grateful.
Rather than attempting to clarify and spelling out your driving history, please consult with an attorney. That is far...