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Could I get jail time for getting caught driving with a suspended license, dui related?
in 2009, I got my license suspended for dui. I got my license suspended for 6 months and then two weeks before my 6 months were up I had to drive because my mother was too tired to drive and driving down a hill anyone's speed would increase and i got caught speeding. Now i have to report to court soon and I am worried about getting send to jail. What are the chances of not getting sent to jail?
Every time you get caught, you increase your chances of doing jail time. If you lose you license for more than a year...
I had my first dui in 06 i took a class to dimissed it so i got a second one in 2010 my bac was under .16 what would happen
i had my first dui in 06 i took a class to dimissed it so i got a second one in 2010 my bac was under .16 what would happen
Assuming you are correct that you previous DUI was dismissed in 2006 than your DUI in 2010 should be treated as a first...
Can the prosecutor add a charge of evading responsibility to my dui if I was only issued a summons for the dui?
I was charged with a dui after leaving the scene of an accident. The police report stated that I evaded responsibility but I was only charged with the dui. Can/Will the prosecutor add that charge at my arraignment? Nobody was injured but there was another vehicle involved.
Yes. The State can file additional charges. As for the probability, only the prosecutor can answer that. DUI's are...
Does a DWI Nolle mean I can say it never happened?
arrested for a DWI when I was 20. It was nolled and haven't had any issue in 4 years Local pd records have nothing and as does the local courthouse. Nothing on the internet either. Can I say it never happened for a comprehensive background check?
Have you checked your DMV record if the arrest took place in past 10 years? If it was within past 10 years I suggest...
DUI assessment for drunk driving classes in CT?
I was arrested in NY for DUI and convicted. I live in CT. The NY judge has allowed for me to take the DDP classes in CT but I have to go for an assessment/evaluation to even get in the classes. Will I have to take a drug test during this evaluation/assessment?
That depends on the police report. Were you arrested for alcohol or drugs. If it was alcohol they will give you a...
OUI in Maine in 1998- paying for it in 2015!
Husband was arrested in Maine for OUI in 1998. We went to court, paid a fine. Now- husband is prevented from renewing his CT license until he goes to an alcohol education program and pays $300. He had renewed his license twice since and this never showed up. This whole thing sounds wrong to me. Any insights??
Sometimes things fall through the cracks when state DMVs share information about DUI convictions. It would appear that...
If i got arrested for dui and now am only able to drive my car with an IID installed... can i still drive my moped?
please... and thank you for your time
No you cannot. You cannot operate any motorized vehicle. If you do and get caught you'll go to jail for at least 30...