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How do I contact a public defender regarding my recent DUI arrest in Kenai?
I was arrested and charged with DUI and refusal. My bail was $1000 and I am unclear about whether I am being charged with a felony or not.
If you have been to court and had the Public Defender appointed, then you can just call their office and they will...
If a vehicle violation that resulted in a DUI is false, can this be reason to fight the case (or lessen charges)?
I was pulled over for a faulty taillight (emitting white light instead of red, policeman said) but he started fishing for DUI & succeeded. I failed field sobriety & breathalyzer tests, & was booked on charges of DUI. But I checked and there's nothing wrong with my lights. Is possible to fight this by claiming that I never should have been pulled over in the first place?
A stop of a vehicle based on false pretenses is grounds for a motion to suppress all evidence obtained as a result of...
I have a lifetime ban on my Alaska CDL, a 2009 DUI and a 2011 DUI lowered to reckless driving, can I get my CDL back ?
Please reply to momentiscareers@gmail.com
A revocation or ban should be something you can reapply for with a special hearing. You will almost certainly need a...
Is a dui w/ a child grounds for custody change? (step-dad)
I shared legal custody w/ my ex-wife and her husband took 1 of my children on a hunting trip. He was pulled over for a tail light on the way out and on the way back arrested for dui/weapon while intox. and endangering a minor.
The incident you describe could certainly be part of a petition to modify custody. It may not be enough all by itself...
Hi I got arrested for a DUI. I drove into the parking lot of the bar from my house. I consented to all tests and blew a .208.
I have no alcohol priors or any kind of arrests. I admitted to driving under the influence when asked by the officer i took all the tests and didnt make a fuss. I am wondering if I would need a public defender or should I just plead no contest (guilty)? I wish to know if i could plead for a wet reckless not a dui.
With a test result that high, the only way a prosecutor would consider reducing your charge to Careless or Reckless...
I was charge with Dui and i need to apply for a j1 visa im wondering if i will get my visa
I was charge with a dui in the state of alaska, but i wasent driving the car so i declare my self inocent i have been in trial since 2009 becuase my school i have no time to go to alaska today i was at the embassy to renew my j1 visa and i told the officer in there that i was not convicted yet becuase what i mention before so he ask for mycourt records and a medical exam to apply for the visa and he give a 221(g) paper requesting for that documents i also told him tht it not gonna be a court records becuase i was not convicted yet but still he wants to take a look of that. im renewing my visa in mexico
I doubt that you will get a J-1 visa. You first need to resolve your criminal matter.
If you are arrested for dui and have taken a breath test is it legal then for the police officer to take a blood sample
my friend was assrested on july 4 was given a braeth test then taken to the polcie station held down and the police drew blood from her.
Police can use reasonable force to get a blood sample if the suspect refuses a chemical test. Your question is very...