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Can type 1 diabetes affect a breathalyzer ?
Got a DUI, I hadda take a series of 5 blows before it read anything. And I had a feeling it was way inaccurate. I was held overnight without my medication when I clearly told the officer that my house was less than 3 minutes away and that my insulin was there.
Absolutely it can. The way your body processes sugar affects how you process alcohol and how your body emits ethanol,...
If I got 2 dui's before I turned 21, and just got an infraction for an open container here in California, what's the penalty?
It would be best if you consulted with a local defense attorney, who would be able to discuss with you the specific...
DUI and False Positive Blood Tests
Are there any medical conditions and/or related medications that could cause a false positive on a blood alcohol tests (tested by blood draw and not the breathalyzer) ? Thanks
Your question is very difficult to answer but it is yes. The companies that make the intoxilizer machines want the...
Can anyone recommend an attorney in the San Mateo area who specializes in filing the expungement form for a first time DUI?
I got a first time DUI misdemeanor in 2012 in San Mateo County, CA and have since completed all the fines and conditions. I kept a copy of all my records too. By the way, the DUI had no aggravating circumstances etc. I am looking to get the DUI expunged. Can anyone recommend an attorney in the San Mateo area who specializes in filing the expungement form? I'd like to get an idea of cost of this legal service and the filing fee/s. I also no longer live in San Mateo, CA so while I don't anticipate that there may be need for a court appearance in this regard, I need to factor in this possibility that I may need representation by an attorney if the court required an appearance.
You can use the ‘Find a lawyer’ tab at the top of the page.
Can i get charged with second DUI even when my BAC was below 0.08? Or it will be only violating probation?
I got caught for violation DUI probation. My BAC when i caught was 0.05 when the cops stopped me and 0.03 in the correction facility.
It will most likely be just a probation violation which will cause a 1 year driver's license suspension. However,...
How to get this charge to the minimum or dismiss? what to do with something like this? What is the minimum cost of the case?
Underage DUI for 0.01 BAC. Im just about 3weeks away from 21, and im a student. i was driving a company truck, and slipped which it caused i hit down a traffic light. Police came and did a eye-finger test at first, which i was totally fine. Later on, another sheriff said i need to do a breath-test. which i got 0.01 BAC. i explained that i celebrated my 21th birthday early with my family until 330-400am, that they will be out of state. And i didn't have any food for the whole day, no water since 3hrs earlier of the accident.
YOU need a good DUI attorney that knows who to handle the APS suspension hearing . At a 0.01 the test is not accurate...
Anything I can do to fight this?with my (2) dui's they are saying it's The 2nd time& I'm on probation until Nov this yr!!
Ilicense suspended due to 2 dui(s) & off prob this nov! I was pulled over in October for exp registration (exp sept) was given a driving on a suspended ticket. (M) thinking it's a traffic ticket & assuming it was i wasn't too worried about it I never recieved anything in the mail,every time I looked my ticket up online on the San Mateo county court traffic website it would say case closed or paid! that wasn't the case...January I end up getting a "warrant" letter in the mail from Burlingame pd.I turned myself in, bailed out and got a court date. At court they had me fill out paperwork, all the judge said was I was approved for "the private defender program and to call next week" which I've been calling everyday since & my "assigned attorney" hasn't contacted me once! I'm frustrated because 1. I did not know my license was suspended 2. Yes the dmv told me I was sent I notice about it in July that I never received guessing since My mailboxes were broken into multiple times (I have letters from landlord) 4. I've done everything (OHS DUI CLASSES, IID FOR ONE YEAR, PAID ALL FINES,ETC)) to get my license back & every time I get a temp one I never get it in the mail from the dmv!
in order to answer your question an attorney would need to look at your driving record printout. if you are enrolrd in...