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Will this be my first offense or second.
I have a suspended license because of a drug charges I have had 2 years ago and because of child support. I was pulled over for the first time in my life for a break light being out. My question. Is this my first offense or second due to me having a double suspended license
It is the second time your license has been suspended, but first time you've been cited for driving with a suspended...
Is that legal, being that I never pulled off?
I was coming out the store, when an employee called the cops, and informed them that they smelt alcohol. When I got to the car, the police pulled behind me, and charged me with 3 counts dui, one for me/and the two minors with me. I refused the breathalyzer test. And they took me to the hospital, to try to get a blood sample. And I refused. The allowed my wife to take me home from there. I never set foot in a jail cell.
You can still be charged; based on suspicion.
How difficult is it to have one dismissed? And what particular things should I look for? Such as a faulty cause of traffic stop.
Refused a dui
Dui is never that simple where you can have a simply go by. Dui is treated more seriously than a lot of Felony cases....
If I'm 17 and got a DUI and I blew a .10. Am I still eligible for a permit because I am now pregnant an I have work and school.
I'm pregnant an I have work and school to get to. But they said I'm not eligible for a permit? Is that right?
Permits are for 21+. You need to speak with an attorney ASAP.
My 17 yr old daughter was arrest for DUI and consumption of a minor. Will she need an attorney or will a public defender be OK?
My daughter is currently on juvenile probation from an arrest in April 2013, her PO is about to release her, however, she was charged with a DUI in July 2nd 2014, and taken to the county jail. She blew a .16, can the DJJ do anything to her now? And do we need to tell her DJJ PO about this arrest? Or should we go to our final appt. This Monday 7/14, and not mention this?
I think you need to mention it. I'm also not sure you will have to because the probation officer will probably know of...
Soon to violate misdemeanor probation
Hello I have a question for you I'm on two seperate probation state and city I live in valdosta GA and I was to sign up for dui school and counciling but they want me to pay 100$ to sign up but I only get paid once a mth I told my PO that but she insisted that I find a way before the 27th of this mth or I could be violated my charges for city probation is two yrs for dui and driving on suspended licence I just started that one and for my state probation I got dui and driving on suspended licence with 3yrs on it but I completed 1yr and 9mth on that one but if I violate they will make me do the time I got left on probation which will be 3yrs and 3mths in jail I want to know how long does a misdemeanor vop warrant takes to be issued and what should I do
The warrant can be issued the same day that the officer submits to the judge. Then you will have a hearing on why you...
After successfully completing a YEAR on the scram monitor is there any way around ignition interlock. Scram about broke me.
I was put on scram after violating my DUI probation by failing an 80 hour alcohol test. I have now successfully completed 365 days of scram at 10$ a day not to mention the initial startup fee. So now that I'm finally getting that off I'm now suppose to get an ignition interlock device which is more money. Judge Edwards is trying to teach me a lesson I know but come on this money game is crazy. I also pay for a 52 week program. I'm just looking for an answer as far as an ignition interlock waiver.
This is a stupid question. Listen to yourself "Judge Edwards is trying to teach me a lesson"...yet you want Judge...