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  • Man who shot up Maryland hotel room gets 15 years in...

    Wednesday Feb 22 | via Norwalk Citizen News 

    In this photo provided by Washington County, Md., Sheriff's Office, Edward Clarence Schneider is shown in a police booking photo March 15, 2016, in Hagerstown, Md. The California truck driver has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for shooting up a Hagerstown, Maryland, hotel room, sending bullets into nearby rooms, while he was high on crystal meth.


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  • Slain Inmate's Conviction Reversed 4 Days After His ...

    Thursday Feb 16 | via CBS Local 

    CW44 Station Bio- WTOG-TV first began operations on November 4, 1968, broadcasting on UHF channel 44. Originally owned my Minnesota-based Hubbard Broadcasting Corp., WTOG solidified itself in the Tampa Bay market by being the area's only independent television station. With broadcast coverage reaching throughout central and southwest Florida, WTOG was billed "Florida's Super Station" and quickly [] Florida Brush Fire Contained, Residents Allowed to Go Home Hundreds of residents are back in their homes after fire crews contained a brush fire spread over some 2,000 acres in central Florida.


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Hagerstown Law

Will a speeding ticket violate PBJ for a DUI
Im currently on unsupervised PBJ for a DUI and just recieved a speeding ticket. Will my PBJ be violated?
Check the terms and conditions of probation. You should be okay. Typically, only criminal and serious traffic charges...
Can I take care of a 1st time Maryland DUI case from Arizona?
I'm in a situation where I had a DUI in 2008. I got sentenced to probation before judgement and had to complete classes. I ended up getting in trouble in PA before the probation before judgement was finished in MD. I ended up sending time in PA state prison from August 2009 to April 2012 on unrelated non-felony charges. When first incarerated in PA I wrote the Washington County MD clerk of courts telling them where I was and what happened and I wasn't getting out for awhile. They continued to go through with a court case, scheduled me a date, never picked me up from PA state prison. Never sent me anything back but the records show I wrote them. I never thought anything of it. Now its late 2016, tried to transfer my license to AZ and was told MD has it flagged and wont allow a transfer. Apparently now I have a failure to appear from 2010 that I never recieved any info on. I need to know if I can take care of this from AZ and get the FTA dropped because of my incarceration in PA during the time of court. It's their fault for not coming to get me and clerk of courts shows i wrote them in their system and said will review with judge at court date. I need to get my license back.
Well, a good criminal defense attorney could certainly represent you in Maryland while you are in Arizona. I would...
Will I be convicted of DUI as a violation of probation.
My girlfriend got a DUI about a year ago in Maryland. She was not convicted, but put on supervised PB. She has a good job, she's taken all the required classes, paid the cost of probation every month. Has never met her PB officer. The problem is she signed her apartment lease in PA the day before she got the DUI. However she never informed them of her move. Now she lives with me in PA. She contacted a new lawyer who said the PB officer would most likely violate her and she would be convicted of the DUI which means she would most likely loose her job and also have to move back to MD.
A standard condition of probation is to not leave the state without permission of the probation officer. She could file...
Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI whil serving PBJ?
I recived PBJ for a DUI and had my license suspended for 45 days by the MVA. If I violate my PBJ after the suspension of the MVA is over. Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI?
No, the action of suspending your license for 45 days was an administrative action taken by the MVA. However, if you...
If I move from Virginia to Maryland, will Maryland honor a court order from Virginia for a restricted driver's license?
I have 3 dui's in Virginia in 10 years. The third was reduced so it is not a felony. My license was suspended by the court for 3 years. The DMV revoked my license for 5 years. I can petition the court for a restricted license after 3 years. I have completed all of my requirements except for paying a reinstatement fee and having ignition interlock for 6 months. I plan to petition the court very soon.
If your on probation, I would contact your attorney from the previous DUI and have the probabtion transfer to Maryland....
Buying a firearm with a pbj on record.
I recently came off of unsupervised probation before judgement for a dui from Feb. 2013. Since my pbj was completed successfully, would I have any issues if I were to go purchase a firearm?
Yes especially if it was a felony charge.
You matter needs to be investigated by an attorney ASAP