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Hagerstown Crime

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  • Judge steps away from man's 19-felony trial

    Tuesday Nov 10 | via Palladium-Item 

    Judge steps away from man's 19-felony trial Circuit Court Judge David Kolger prosecuted Todd A. Stigleman of Cambridge City back in 1998. Check out this story on pal-item.com: http://pinews.co/1iSpQmS The trial of a Cambridge City man to resolve three cases that include a combined 19 felony charges against him will not begin Monday as scheduled.


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  • For the Record

    Oct 19, 2015 | via Palladium-Item 

    For the Record Daily roundup of fire runs and police activity in Wayne County. Check out this story on pal-item.com: http://pinews.co/1LGI9qD Joshua Napier, 30, 24000 block of Stipps Hill Road, Laurel, Ind.: Burglary , domestic battery and interference with reporting a crime , 4:40 p.m. Saturday Serina R. St. John, 38, first block of North Plum Street, Hagerstown, Ind.: Possession of heroin and resisting law enforcement , 3:30 p.m. Saturday 3:23 p.m. Thursday: No injuries when a vehicle driven by Justice N. Pierson, Richmond, struck a building in the 400 block of South Fifth Street.


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Hagerstown Law

Have in the past had 1felony and now probably 2 more d felonies.owi and common nusance.u think i will have to do prison time?
Owi s and driving and on susupended license.visiting common nusance and poss of meth.which i didnt have nothing on me..
You should speak with a criminal defense attorney about your situation. If you want, you can find some in your area...
Was on prob. in richmond in. for dui. I left in. there is a warrant for me. How much jail time will I do if I turn myself in?
I am a florida resident and got the dui while in richmond. I served 16 days in jail there and received 6 months probation. I left richmond and returned home to florida. I don't want this hanging over me, if I return to richmond and turn myself in how much jail time will I do? also, after I do the time will I then be done with this dui charge and be able to return home to florida?
You best bet is to contact an attorney in the Richmond area, explain your situation and what you'd like to have happen,...
My license is suspended while on probation in Indiana. Can I move out of the state and get another license elsewhere?
I was arrested and I am going to agree to a plea bargain pertaining to a DUI. This is my first offense and the judge has decided (for anyone in the county, not just me) that a minimum 90 day license suspension and 6 months of probation (which includes no driving) are among the sentencing. My sentence was 120 days of suspension followed by 6 months of probation, totally to 10 months without a license. It's insane. Can I move out of the state (to Chicago Illinois) and get another states license so I can drive? Is there another alternative to get around this sentence?
Unlikely. When you move to another state and apply for a drivers' license, you generally have to provide a driving...
Can a person defend themselves against OWI charges if they don't have the resources (money) to do so?
I was charged and arrested for a first offense OWI in Indiana not too long ago. I hired a lawyer to help me with the case but he is telling me that without spending between $7,000 and $10,000 I would not be able to hire a toxicologist or have money required to cover the deposition and witness fees to obtain facts to defend my case. A plea bargain was presented that I don't think is fair: jail for 7 days or a three month class, one of which I cannot drive to and from, nor could I redeem my license until after the course is completed. I don't live in the place I was arrested, but an hour away thus making that class pretty much an invalid option. Since jail would be bad, are there no ways to defend oneself without having to be wealthy. I would just like to get the plea to be more reasonable
You should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction to see if you qualify for the appointment of a public defender.
I received an OWI charge the other night in Indiana. Was I wrongfully stopped?
I was driving home a few days back when I was stopped for what the officer said was 'driving through a barricade'. He said there was a tree down across the road from a storm and asked me why I did that. I didn't see a barricade, it was night, and it was pouring rain. This is not a city street where you can take the next street over to go past either, this is a town road where the next detour is miles down the road. Anyways, The officer said he smelled alcohol and had me do the field tests, it's still pouring mind you. I don't want to go into many more details right here, but bottom line I was charged with an OWI, 2 charges actually.
Two charges because they can. You need a local DUI/DWI lawyer, now. You can lose your license before you even get to...
Charged with DUI: Charges dismissed after 6 months of interlock. BMV implications?
Hi I was charged with a DUI which, after various court dates, was found to have 'no prosecutorial merit'. As a condition of the charge being dismissed, I was ordered to have an interlock system installed for 6 months, which after successful completion of, the charge would be dropped. My question is this: will the BMV continue to show a failed test and/or installed interlock system once the case is dismissed or can that be removed from my record? My company pulls MVR's based on state driving records and they hope that I will have a 'clean' record by the time this is all taken care of. Thanks
In most states, criminal actions and licensing actions are separate. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
Charged with dwi
plea agreement is one year supervised probation, but still has to go to court before he could sign the plea bargain does that mean the jutge could still take his licence and set stifer penalties
always possible for a judge to not follow a plea agreement, but it is also unusual.