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I had a case open against me for marijuana use. Have not heard anything since drug testing occurred.
Will this prevent me from getting a job at the local head start?
If they do a background check and see the charge it might affect you. Once you receive the results back and you have...
In new mexico is there a special drivers license i can obtain to drive to work and home like they offer the d.u.i offenders ?
i live in roswell new mexico and child support suspended my drivers licenses.i paid 998.00 to get it back plus dmv reinstatement fee..three months later they suspended it again with them taking child support out of my check
You need to consult with a family law attorney in your state to see if they can work something out with the state in...
Can u get a driving on suspended license and dwi if u never had a license
I have been convicted over driving on suspend license and a dwi even though i have never had a driver's license
Yes, you can. The MVD can suspend/revoke potential privileges, and therefore revoke your future license.
I was walking and my boyfriend sister was drunk and hit me with her car while I was walking thru a field
The car registered under her dad's name she was driving on a suspended and the officers didn't get her insurance do I have a case
Sorry to hear you were injured. Sounds like you may have a good case against her. Contact a personal injury lawyer...
What happens if my dwi case gets dismissed non prejudiced ?
i got a dwi in april 2012 , following the case was dismissed non prejudiced in december 2012, how long do they have to bring this up before it is taking off my driving record, i am not able to get a drivers license now, i beat the case so why is it still on my record
Because the state can refile. Your speedy trial time should have run. Hire a good criminal attorney.
Got arrested the police officer did not write down the license plate number can he make me call my wife over the phone and ask ?
dont know what to do in court
Typically you will not compelled in court to make a phone call to ask your wife your tag number in court or at the...
Can my husband be deported for a dui charge?
My husband and I were at lunch and had a drink we left at 2:30 to go and pick up our children from school. Then after picking up our girls we went to my grandmothers house and then went home. My husband proceed to drink and we had left to my mother in laws home to visit I was driving of course. We then proceed to go home about 5:10 got home and no problem. I then had an officer knock on my door and stated that the vehicle that was parked in my house was involved in an accident and the party that was grazed reported our license plate. this was about 5:45 when the officer showed up then the officer asked my husband to step out of the house becuase he was the owner of the vehicle. They then questioned him and of course because he was under the influence they charged him with dui.
On a DUI probably not, but one would have to review the court disposition of the charges in order to be sure.