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  • Melissa Calusinski Supporters Flood State's Attorney...

    Sunday Nov 8 | via 

    It's unlikely that Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim will be able to make any kind of Facebook post without the majority of comments being made in support of Melissa Calusinski, a woman he played a role in convicting of the 2009 daycare death of 16-month-old Deerfield boy Benjamin Kingan. At least not until Calusinski, who has maintained her innocence since moments following an hours-long interrogation in January 2009 that resulted in a confession, is released from prison.


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What type of lawyer do I need?
had DUI in 2007 everything is finished but now am looking to reinstate drivers license, already have a assessment being done.
You may hire a lawyer familiar with the administrative hearings needed to reinstate with the SOS
I am currently driving on a RDP and within the past two weeks I have failed the test twice. What will happen?
I am classified as significant risk/alcohol abuse NOT dependency. And both times I blew and failed once, repeated the test and failed again. I am not sure what the results of the test were just that I failed. Will the state revoke my RDP?
You have a problem. You need to discuss this in private with your attorney.
I was charged with an out-of-state DUI in Maryland. The charges were dropped. How can I expunge my arrest record?
I am a resident of IL and was charged with DUI/DWI along with 12 other charges in Maryland back in 2012. All of these charges were dropped by the court (nolle pros). How can i expunge the whole thing? And what would be the benefits? Would it help if i go out of USA and visa stamping and job hunting? For doing expunge, should i get lawyer from MD or i can take one from IL?
This is a matter to be asked of a MD attorney. You should repost your question from a MD location to attract the...
Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement??? Moving to Wisconsin and need IL license cleared before WI will issue license.
I had a statutory suspension end in 2001 in IL for 1st DUI. I then plead guilty to DUI in IL 2002, after that ended. Since then I was convicted of 2 DUI's in WI in 2005 & 2007 and was charged with my 3rd and 4th offense. I haven't held a valid license since my Statutory suspension in 2001. I have never held a valid WI license and I am no longer revoked in WI. Today I spoke with a WI DMV rep that said my Illinois driving record only shows 1 DUI. Does the statutory suspension count as a DUI? What is the possibility that I can have my driving privileges reinstated in IL, I want to move to Wisconsin by the Fall of this year.
It is highly recommended that you speak directly to an Illinois attorney who can review your record and determine your...
I received a DUI then a few months later and underage drinking ticket, what is the likelihood of going to jail?
I am an 18 year old male in Illinois. I got the DUI at 17 and drinking ticket at 18.
It is hard to tell. You should get a lawyer.
I got pulled over last night and did a field sobriety test...passed..then blew a .089. didn't get a DUI but got 6 tickets.
transp/carry alc liq/driver......driving on suspended license....paraphanalia...possession >2.5grams cannibis....operate uninsured vehicle...op mtr veh/regis/suspended.. i was pulled over on 8/27/10 for operation an uninsured vehicle and i didnt have my insurance card on me but i had valid insurance. i went to court a month later and the judge tells me i have to pay $3xx to get my license back. at the time i was confused because i've had this happen before and i showed my insurance card and the ticket was tossed out... i know i should hire a lawyer but can most of these tickets be tossed out? should i be worried? cause i already am.
You should have an attorney review your driving abstract to determine the basis for your suspension. It may be...
In 2009 i was stopped by a cop for a DUI. At the police station they made me take a breathalizer test which i did not say no to
In november 2009 i was stopped by a cop for a DUI for the 2nd time(2 1/2 years ago was my first, i ). At the police station they made me take a breathalizer test which i did not say no to and took twice ended up showing no score i guess thats how i would say it and the cop called it refusal. December i had court and they said that i refused to take the test because there was no results and my license was suspended for 3 years. In February 2010 i had court for my DUI case and i won that case, but my license stayed suspended and my lawyer told me that i dont have DUI anymore but my license will stay suspended for 3 years because i refused to take the breathalizer test. So my question would be if i won my DUI case shoudnt i have my license unsuspended and they should drop all the charges..
While your question is reasonable, the legislatures of most states have stopped people from refusing to take the breath...