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Is my bac from blood test going to read higher between breathalyzer tests?
Hi I am a 205 pound lean male. I was pulled over about 20min after I took a shot. I had 6 drinks over the course of the night. I performed all the tests for the officer completely fine and then he breathalyzed me which showed a .09. He arrested me and took me to get blood tested. I was blood tested about 20 min later then was taken start to jail where I was breathalyzed again which showed a .054. That seemed like a huge difference between the two in only about a 1 hr time span so I’m not sure what to do. Thanks
There is nothing for you to do at this point, except waiting for the blood test results to come back. The breath tests...
My son is being charged with dui and a duid that he received w/n week of each other. What is fair offer from da?
Son was going thru rough patch n got dui. He then was charged w/ duid week later.two different stops. dui is legit but tryn to fight duid. Pc was that he supposedly didn't allow enough space on roadside traffic stop when he passed one lane over and around from stop. They caught up n charged him w/ duid because of odor from his friends car that he was driving.they accused him n threw him n jail. Mj stays n system for days. How do they prove it was smoked hrs ago or days ago? They offered 5 days jail n two years supervised prob on dui.30 days jail n two sub prob on duid. Concurrent. Seems steep especially 2 yrs supervised probation. Why not unsupervised? Have attorney but don't care for him. Just want to make sure he not selling my son down river .
If you want to get the best defense for your son on both charges; hire a skilled DUI attorney that knows how to defend...
My son was arrested and not read his rights. What can I do?
He wrecked his vehicle and had been drinking earlier. He had concussion n wasn't properly checked. He was put in cop car in cuffs , taken to station, given breath test and thrown in jail! I want to fight it! He wasn't mirandized! By law he has rights n they were violated. Things weren't done properly. What is my next step. He has initial appearance 4/28
You have the wrong idea about Miranda - what it's for and how it works. The police were not required to "read him his...
How do I clean a DUI off my background check? It has to happen for school.
I got the DUI one year and three months ago.
DUI or DWAI convictions are forever. You can't seal them. While sealing laws do change and often for the better, the...
What is the likely outcome for my dui?
I got arrested last night for a dui I agree blowing a .094 in the field and a .116 at the station. I passed my roadside test except for 1 incorrect turn. I'm we and have never been in trouble before. I'm not sure what to do, what steps to take or who to talk to.
The first steps to take are request a license revocation hearing at the DMV and you should consider hiring a DUI attorney.
WWhat can I do about a DUI in Washington?
I got a DUI in Washington several years back and dew to a bad relationship that led to divorce I moved back to Colorado need to resolve this so I can move on with my life and get my drivers license
Contact a Washington Criminal Defense attorney.
How long does it take to go from supervised to unsupervised probation for a dui?
I got a dui last March and have been on supervised probation since July 18. I was told I could apply for unsupervised probation on Jan 18. I have completed all my classes and therapy, paid all my fines, finished my community service, and I have not missed or failed any UAs. How long does it take to get for the judge to respond to the motion and what are my chances of being approve?
Unfortunately, the answer to your question is--it depends. In typical lawyer fashion, I can't really say whether your...