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Dui while car was parked
I have more then 1 dui so they seized my car after my recent dui. I was parked and sleeping in my car with the car on. can the still seize it if i was sleeping and not driving?
If charged with a DWI even while sleeping in a vehicle, it is still possible to have the vehicle seized and forfeited....
Dui charges reduce to wet reckless
Would a lawyer be able to reduce my dui to wet and reckless because I was held in detention well past the maximum 48 hours before charges were filed and even longer for me to be brought before a judge? There was no excuse or reason for the delay the prosecutor was aware that I was held longer then the state law allows them to hold me making my unwarranted arrest technically not valid and unconstitutional. Even though they knowingly violated my rights I was still charged bail when they could not legally set bail and where supposed to release me with just a citation with my court date. I could definitely use some advice and a lawyer who could use this info to help me get my charges reduced or more.
You need to sit down with a criminal defense attorney and go through the facts of the case. Without those facts, all...
Car seized cause of dui
My second dui and blew over .20 so they seized my car. My breath test at the police station was over an hour later and my bac was most likely under .20 when i was arrested. Can i fight against that to get my car back?
You can raise that issue and potentially others. You would be best served by consulting with an attorney who regularly...
What should I expect for my 2nd alcohol violation of probation?
While on house arrest I blew. 03 alcohol positive and just had a urine sample showing positive for alcohol as well. I am in treatment for alcohol in Polk County Mn. What should I expect?
You should contact your attorney right away to discuss this so he/she can be proactive for you. The fact that you had...
Is my breathalyzer test valid
I was arrested for a dui and during my breathalyzer I fell to the floor so one officer picked me up and held me up to the breathalyzer since I could not stand on my own and had me blow into the machine. I read that they are required to observe me for 15 minutes and make sure I dont belch or regurgitate anything othewise they would not be able to get an accurate reading so it would not be valid. Not only do I believe there wasn't a 15 observation but I fell straight to the floor and had just eaten before the arrest. I could use some good advice
A deficiency in the observation period can sometimes result in suppression of the test or dismissal of the test charge...
How can North Dakota suspend a license if you have already applied for and received a license from another state (such as MN)?
I recently was charged with a DWI. I was living in MN but had not switched to a MN drivers license and was still licensed in ND. After being arrested and released I was informed to pay my fines and retake my tests to receive my MN drivers license. This was completed within 4 days of my offense and I was licensed in MN with the condition that I have IID. Three months after my offense I now received a letter stating my ND license is revoked for 180 days even though I no longer hold a ND license and have not since the incident. Neither the MN nor ND DMV have been any help with the issue. If I do not have a ND license anymore can they still revoke my driving privileges? As of right now I drive with a valid MN license and IID system. Any help would be great! No one in this area has dealt with this issue in the past.
I'm guessing that you appeared in court and were convicted of the DWI. Then the conviction was sent over to ND and they...
Probation questions
I've been on probation for about 6 years now for a refusal to submit ok my fine went to collection and I was going to make the final payment today as we agreed on but when I tried they said the mn dept of rev pulled it out of collection I'm wondering why would they do that I also have other fines but not for what I'm on probation for
Perhaps the Department of Revenue will try to intercept your tax refund or try more aggressive collections measures?...