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What do I do if I missed the scheduled date for my madd class in mississippi
Missed the class that falls within 30 days of my order, under the direction of my PO. Did not get a new order so the original date is still there.
Since none of us lawyers have your case work for the probation department have no clue what your case and conditions...
Can I still get drug tested even though I finished my required drug tests?
In October I was scheduled for a court date having to do with a simple possession charge. In my state the herb is decriminalized so I was given a very lenient probation process where all I must do is set up a day of my choice every month to do a urinary drug test. It has been hard to get through, but now I am on my final stretch with only one drug test left that is going to be in early February. Every time I show up to the place where I drug test I must pay 50$ and pee in a small paper cup. I have only seen my PO once because he is never at the place. The sheet that I was given says to do four drugs tests then the misdemeanor is expunged from my record. After I do the a last drug test in Feb. apparently all I need to do is get my PO to sign off on it and then go in front of a judge in early April to slam the hammer. I am curious if there is any chance that they could schedule another drug test before the court date ( Even though I have a piece of paper that I signed that says only 4 drug tests ) Even though I know that it is unlikely to be drug tested at court I plan on laying off of the herb for the last month and a half before the court date. I am taking college classes along wit
From what you have said it sounds unlikely that they will do more than the required drug tests, however, they could...
Will my fiancé be able to go to rehab for violating his probation due to a dui?
My fiancé was arrested last month for his 4th Dui. He was also already on felony probation for his previous dui. Since being incarcerated I have managed to get him accepted Into a rehab if the judge allows. I have also gathered his medical records and attendance from the time he got off of house arrest last year until he got arrested proving that he has been trying to help himself by checking into a mental facility, attending AA meetings, going to see a therapist etc.
Perhaps, no way to know what the judge will do ask his Attorney.
Will I get drug tested when I go to court. Will I need to go through a 6 month period of drug tests on probation?
This is my first offense for marijuana, 20 years old. I had around 7 grams with paraphenalia but apparently in my state they drop that charge if it is only possession. They charged me with a misdemeanor and one of the officers said he was going to try to drug test me at court. Even in the month period I don't know for sure if my test will be positive even if I don't smoke for that month. Thank you
No way to answer that question, best to ask your attorney and to make sure you don't have to ever worry about getting...
Will this affect my case
I was charged with marijuana possession in the state of Mississippi. It is decriminalized and much more relaxed than many other states, but In Mississippi, Possession of between one and 30 grams kept in a vehicle is punishable of a fine up to $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail. This only applies to areas in the vehicle occupied by passengers and does not apply to a locked glove compartment or trunk. While I was caught smoking, I was sitting in a car in an empty parking lot with no intent to drive. Does this penalty still apply to me?
The drugs were not in the locked glove compartment nor in the trunk and you were using and possession the items in a...
If my ticket for a DUI doesn't include the BAC and was never told my BAC my entire time being held is the charge still valid?
I was pulled over for failure to move over by a highway patrol in which he instantly gives me a Breathalyzer 2 times and according to him I failed. When I got to the station they gave me another breath tests and it said I failed but was still never told my BAC. Not once was I told not is it written on my ticket itself.
Discuss this with a reputable traffic court lawyer in your area. Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" feature.
Can a judge refuse to give you credit for time served if you did physical labor in the work center?
A few years ago my husband was arrested for owing fines. The fines were for no insurance and driving on a suspended license. In court the judge said he was sentenced to 6 months in county with no time served. After 10 days he was sent to the work center for the remainder of his time. While in the work center he did physical labor for the County(cleaned highway, worked at salvation army, worked trash detail at community events, etc). Also during his time he lost his job, apartment, and vehicle. Once he was released he had nothing, he was homeless for a few weeks. Now he still owes every fine and has warrents out for his arrest for the same thing he went to jail for. Is there anything we can do about this?
I don't believe he can deny you, but you'll likely need an attorney to get the record and fight this.