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The judge is putting words into the OFFICERS mouth. I feel I am not getting a fair hearing. What do I do?
I was pulled over the cop said she pulled me over for not having a reflector on my bike. There is one and there is proof of it from car cam. The COPS says she found drugs on the ground about 10 steps from me. On the suppression hearing the judge says yes there us proof of a reflector and she feels that the cop was worried about me that's why she continued with the stop. I feel lime I'm not being treated fairly help please
If you were pulled over for not having a reflector on your bike (as in bicycle, seriously?) and the judge says there is...
Why do I have to have a car breathalyzer in my car even if a dui wasn't one of my charges
Arrested on suspicion of having a wanted back robber whom I didn't know. And was followed to my sons elementary school and dropped him off. They then did a full FELONY traffic stop guns drawn and every local enforcement was present. He was not nor as he ever in my car but that did get me for driving on a suspended license and dropped all other charges. But I wasn't driving under the influence so I don't understand what to do
Get an attorney ASAP ! You Ned to clear you suspension on license. Was it because of a DUI?
I have received 1st DUI in 2011 in Sacramento. I've finished my DUI program. I never got restricted license. Do I still need IDD
I never filed for restricted license due to proximity of work. Can I reinstate my license without IDD?
No. If you were convicted in Sacramento, you'll have to get an IId for six months regardless how long your suspension...
3rd DUI Penalties in Yolo County
I recently was arrested for my 3rd DUI within the last 10 years in Yolo County. What are the possible penalties and fines? I've heard that Yolo County has higher DUI fines than most counties and that I could have my license suspended for 10 years. Please advise.
Third time DUI as a misdemeanor, not a felony is punishable by a mandatory 120 days in jail. If I were you, I would be...
Got a dui on Friday 8/1/2014 also was charged with 148(a)(1)pc.14601(a)vc 23152(b)vc 23152(a)vc
last dui was in 2003
What's the question? You didn't ask one.
Got a DUI in November 2011, with 36 months informal probation "obey all laws". Arrested for CA PC 647 (f) within that period.
I was wondering what the charges or punishment would be for violating the probation.
PC647(f) is a pretty low level misdemeanor. The problem is, it's alcohol related which might not sit well with a judge...
Hello, I am 17 years old and got arrested almost two weeks ago for DUI and driving with bac over .08. how can I beat the case?
I first got pulled over for "speeding". he then did the eye test on me twice and asked me to step out of the car. at the time it was late at night and raining, when he had me perform the sobriety tests. he then breathalyzed me and would not tell me my results. he placed me under arrest for suspicion of DUI yet did not read me my rights. handcuffed me and took me to hospital to give a blood test which I did not consent to, and got breathalyzed two more times. a different police officer then breathalized me and was being respectful as to tell me my results which were a .09 and .10. any advice? please? officer said he got me going 60 in a 35, yet I was not ticketed for speeding.any information helps!I appreciate any effort or thoughts you guys may have. thank you. my father came to pick me up
hire an attorney - your readings are low enough that you may be able to negotiate a plea to a "wet reckless"