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I failed my first drug test and it has been 5 days and I Look to fail my second one will that get me dismissed from drug court?
58 years old with diabetes very enlarged prostate blocking my urethra tube can't urinate. Can't get the drug out quickly as someone else.
Two things right off the bat - you need the best criminal defense lawyer that you can afford to represent you in this...
What happens if my hair is too short for a hair follicle test ?
I knew a drug test would be done but did not know it may be a hair follicle test until last week. I keep my hair buzzed short anyway and body hair has been shaved before I heard this. Test is in 4 days
I have never heard of a hair that was too short to be tested. The Community Corrections and/ or Court Referral Officer...
Had a DUI in North Carolina in 2001, nothing sense ?
DUI in North Carolina in 2001. Can I get my liences in Alabama ?
Yes. As long as your NC license is in good standing and not suspended or revoked.
How long does a DUI stay on your record in North Carolina ?
Recived mine back in late November 2001! Live in Alabama now.
If you were convicted of an offense and haven't had the offense expunged (which isn't always available), then it's more...
Can a minor who was on probation be given a speeding ticket and failure to stop at a stop sign, be given a dui ticket 3 days lat
he was on juvenile probation when this occored, but the officer inform the parent that they could not give him no ticket due to him being a minor. then 3 days later the officer met with probation officer and she had him to write him a ticket for a dui. I was under the assumption that if the ticket was not given at the time of the incident you could not go back and write a ticket later for something that taken place at an earlier time and the parent had been informed that no ticket would be wrote for this.
A ticket can be wrote later, as long as it is still within the statute of limitations.
What is the statute of limitations on a DUI in Mississippi?
I got a DUI in Mississippi a little over 2 years ago and now I live in Alabama and I was wondering if there was a statute on that
The statute of limitations is the time period the charging authority has to levy a charge against you. If you have been...
How Can I fight a DUI?
Hello, I recently had a DUI and I have my court on nov 15, I’m here undocumented with no DL. There any way I could be deported? Should I move to an other address? Thanks you.
Yes, you can be deported. Talk to a lawyer right away.