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I had a dui while teaching 3 years ago. Because it was a first offense ever I was given accelerated rehabilitation. I retired
I am now going for a part time teaching job and need a finger print and background check. Will that dui show up on my background check?
It is not supposed to. That is a pretty great result getting AR for a DUI since that is not allowed but maybe they...
If I have dui conviction in florida and I am off probation in May 2014, and then move to ct can I obtain a drivers licence in ct
It was my first conviction, was convicted in Nov 2013. It went all the way to trial. I was still found guilty. I am doing community service and on probation. Also, my licence states now for business only.
Whether or not you can obtain a Connecticut drivers license depends on the status of your Florida drivers license. You...
I was convicted of Dui in CT 3 months ago. And I am relocating for a job in FL....
Problem is I was required to get a IID device on my car in CT. Do I need this device on my car in FL? Will I be able to get a license in FL? CT views it as a 2nd but its only my 1st conviction. Does FL view it as a 1st or a 2nd DUI?
Complete your probation in CT before moving to FL. Get your license back fully in CT before moving to FL.
Why would dcf require a drug test from me
My son lives in apartment A with my mother and i live upstairs in apartment B. Well I had a called the police on my father for coming into my apartment and smashing my nightstand in the morning and ruining my laptop, my morning coffee landed on it (I got mad and through the cup at the wall). So anyways we where both given a court date. Next thing i know dcf is at my door and i get told i need to take (another) urine test and just me. no one else was ordered to take one. i have done them be for for DCF ( i didnt want to cause problems) But im getting really tired of this, its not like i have failed a test. Can they really just keep forcing me to take these tests?
Short answer: "yes". Because you have, in DCFs eyes a "history of issues with substances (yes, even if you've never...
My brother received a 2nd DUI in MI 2008 and is still without a license. He may move back to CT, can he get his CT license?
He had gotten a 2nd DUI in 2008 and it took him a long time to pay $ 3,000 in fines. He had to make payments every month. He then was on probation and went to speak to his probation officer and was asked no drinking correct. He then said I had a beer in my back yard after cutting my grass. They took him out of the office in cuffs. He also had to go to a facility twice a day for almost a year to do a breathalyzer. He has been responsible with working etc. he hasn't drank in years and needs to get his license reinstated. He's unsure of the process and hired an attorney who is telling him he won't help him until he has 6 months of documented AA. I'm in CT and he used to live here. This seems excessive to me and I'm a retired police officer from another state. It seems like it would be easier for him to just move back to CT and start over. Would he have a problem getting his CT driver's license? Thanks for your time.
This situation involves very specific facts and the statutes from two different states. He needs to hire a DWI...
Are the results of a field sobriety test admissible in court ?
I was arrested for DUI after being involved in a one car accident. I was not offered medical treatment before taking the FST and the officers who conducted the test gave me the test in the living room of my home on a wet hardwood floor.
They are admissible but can and should be challenged though the testimony of a witness and challenged based upon...
I was terminated from my job for coming to work with alcohol on my breath they did a breathalizer it was 0.134. I was not drunk.
I went on break at 6pm my shift was 4pm to 9 came back from break and they stopped me told me to do a breathalizer or I would be fired so i told them I had 2 beers before work they fired me I was there 2 years and never had anything like that happen I only had 2 absents doing to being ill still had sick time pending if i thought. I was intoxicated not able to work I would of called out but thay wasnt the case
Do you know why they asked to to take a test? It seems odd that they would have asked to to take a test unless you...