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After getting a dwi on a motor cycle and the passenger was hurt and in the hospital several days am I allowed to drive until my
I had been drinking all day took my dad's motor cycle with my girl friend on the back I lost control recked the bike the state police served me papers in the er for the court date. Am I able to drive until my court date I don't think they gave me a pink slip. My blood level they said was .16
Consult with a dwi attorney asap! Causing serious bodily injury with under the influence can be charged as a felony....
Can my win in court charging felony bassault with deadly weapon dui. No one hurt. Clean record. Following green GPS
Drive wrong way. On coming driver said I scared him
Maybe. But you definitely need a New Hampshire Criminal Defense Attorney to help you. Good luck.
Why if I was deemed a habitual offender for driving under suspension and got pulled over again after did I not get charged
I was pulled over for speeding/ dwi on May 5-2005 and deemed habitual offender on 1/7/05 why did I not get charged for driving as a habitual offender only got a pr bale and fine no prison or county time
How long ago did this happen? Prosecutors have a lot of discretion when it comes to charging decisions. Perhaps the...
Im representing myself in my DWI case can i win.
the officer only read to number 5 he didn't read me 6 which states if I declined a blood test I will automatically lose my license.I asked him twice what is the difference between picking and not taking the blood test.the officer replied it can be used against you in a court of law and the blood test is more accurate than the breathalyzer test.I ask him 2 additional times while still sitting in the car at the scene, and he responded with same answer both can be used against you in a court of lawin the blood test is a more accurate this point I verbally declined the blood test. When we went to the station I read through number 6. At this point I questioned him I said you said It can be used against me in a court of law. I said... this says you will automatically loose your
You have as much of a chance winning your own DUI case as you do pulling your own teeth.
In New Hampshire you don't get a public defender for your first DUI.
i cant afford one, how should I present myself. As as a lawyer or as a defendant?
Public Defenders are only available in cases where jail time is possible. DWI first offense carries penalties...
I'm heading for my hearing with the DMV.I'm wondering what I should expecting whether or not I should bring a lawyer.
re I was informed that if I didn't get a blood test I would automatically lose my license.
A local attorney would have to answer this for you as each state's rules/laws differ. However, in general driving is...
If I decline a blood test verbally in the car.can I change my mind when I get back to the police station and get the blood test
it was only about 25 minutes after the arrest.the officer also did not inform me that if I refuse the test that I would automatically lose my license.he informed me that if I declined the test that it could be a missable in a court of law.
I would suggest requesting the booking video this would show you asked for the blood test. However the officers usually...