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Can you go into the service after having a dwi and a dui? It was marijuana, not alcohol, both times.
The person was arrested and given 6 mo. probation and 40 hrs. community service. He also has been pulled over several times for his bad driving. He has no respect for authority whatsoever. He really needs to go into the service to be straightened out, but I think he has gotten into too much trouble.
You're probably right, because the US needs a professional armed service. The number of solders are declining also....
In 2009 after completing deferred adjudication my Dwi was dropped, recently I was arrested for Dwi. Will this be my 1st or 2nd?
In 2009 I was pulled over for dwi. I completed deferred adjudication with flying colors and the case was dropped. After this incident I refused to drink ever again because it scared me so badly. I recently finished my first year of college and made Dean's list. To celebrate my girlfriends took me out for the first time in years. Knowing I haven't drank in years I only had 2 drinks over a 4 hour period. I was pulled over for my expired tags. When he asked for my registration he saw my arm band and asked me to take a breathalyzer. I told him no because I know even a sip of alcohol can make you fail. I was arrested, however my license was not suspended or taken away at the time. I am a mother of 4. I take 15 hours a semester and just wanted a girls night.
In some jurisdictions even if you remove or keep the criminal conviction from your record through deferred adjudication,...
If my license was not confiscated at time of arrest for DWI and I was not given a pink slip what does this mean if anything?
A few weeks ago I was arrested for DWI. I believe because I refused to take a breath test I was taken into custody. However, the officer nor the jail took my license. I didn't even have to sign one piece of paper the whole night. It was very strange. From the time I was arrested I was brought to jail and bailed out in 3 hours. I was never put in a "drunk tank." I went ahead and scheduled an ALR hearing through our family attorney just to be safe. Could this possibly look "good" in my favor if my license wasn't taken at the time?
The most important part of your scenario is that you've had an attorney file paperwork to preserve your right to make a...
In 2 yrs I haven't received notice of my dwi surcharges. Is there a statute of limitations? Have I possibly been overlooked?
This is my second dwi conviction. I will have all requirements fulfilled and released from probation on 8-2-15. If I have flown under the surcharge radar somehow I have no ethical qualms about not being required to pay the fees. One other concern I have is possibly tipping "them" off when I call dps to inquire about having my sr22 requirement terminated.
Yes, there's a statute of limitations but you'd need a criminal defense attorney to search your record. Sometimes...
I got a dui in Georgia and they said that I have to find somewhere close to me in Beaumont, Texas, to take classes. No one here
does that. Please help. What can I do?
The classes are available in Jefferson County. Contact the local probation office and they will have a list of where...
How does indictment work when you have pending cases?
He has a misdemeanor DWI (dwi enchanced in Harris county) in which he has an MTRP on that case, a felony 3rd DWI in Jefferson county, and just recently had a vehicle accident in which he was drunk in December but hasn't been indicted yet. Be does have court this morning so my questions are can the judge proceed without him being indicted for the new charge or will his court date be reset again? Also, he has not been convicted of his other charges because his court dates were reset with the other cases.
We may need some more facts to make a determination here. If he picked up a new charge, and it is a felony, then it...
I am searching for a attorney that is able to assist me a case against the State of New Mexico. I was charged with DUI.
Violation of Rights I am searching for a attorney that is able to assist me a case against the State of New Mexico. I was charged with DUI 4 in 2010. There was a Plea agreement set on November 28, 2012. This plea consisted of Intensive Outpatient Program, 6 months A ankle monitor , Interlock, and no jail time. At the time the plea was accepted I was living in NY. A no bond warrant was issued because this new judge that did not accept the plea believed I had been non-compliance of the plea. I voluntarily flew to NM and arrested on 12/19/13 The judge had me arrested on the spot without allowing time to handle any professional or personal affairs.. I have documented proof that I never violated the agreement. I was sent to prison and lost everything. Help restore my life and family
Try Mike Newell in Lovington. Tell him I sent you. Not sure if he can help, but it is a start.