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I have a pending dwi charge from September of 2011. What can I do to get this resolved?
I have a pending dwi charge from sept. 2011 it is now 2017 and I need this resolved. I blew a .09 and I was realeased on my own reconnaissance that night to a friend. My (old) attorney Appealed the conviction and the. I have a "FTC entered in error" on my record which resulted in me getting picked up at my job for jail when I was at court. it was a mess and now it's been 6 years and it's still lingering. I don't want to pay $100 bucks for a consultation if I don't know what I'm getting into.
DWI is a very serious charge and has lasting consequences. You will be better served to retain an attorney to find out...
Can my husband be recharged with a DWI that he cleared up in 2007?
He lost his sc license because he was DWI in NC. In 2007 he wanted his license back. SC made him pay his NC fines and show proof then take a class to his license back. He has had his license back for 10 years. He just got it renewed. Now the states supposedly share records and NC claimed he didn't clear everything up. I talked to the DWI specialist who said he needed to show proof of the class (which he has) and pay $135 to DMV. They gave me his Cleveland county case file. I called court house and they said he owed $100. When he showed up to pay $100 they arrested him on warrant for failure to show up for court to n 2002. But they have no proof if he did or didn't. We have to go to court Monday on the original charges. The arresting officer retired 5 years ago. Do they even have a case? And I feel like this "sharing" thing is a money racket and double jeopardy.
Since your Husband's case is pending in Cleveland County, he should consult with a lawyer about the status of his case....
How many years does the restriction stay on your license. My DUI WAS IN 2012
Trying to renew my license on line. I can't because of the BAC 04. But I didn't finish the class till 2015
Someone is going to need to look at your driving record to let you know the answer to that question. Hire an attorney...
If My blood work was completely clean can I beat dwi in Nc?
I got arrested for a single car accident in nc, they found a pipe in the car, but breathalyzer and blood work both came back clean. Can I beat the dwi?
Get local criminal defense counsel involved to maximize your chances of beating the rap.
Can I beat a Weed DWI in trial?
This is my 1st DWI with a clean driving record. I KNOW that details and specifics matter in a case. But have any of you beating a Weed ONLY DWI in court? I can't find examples of people beating a Marijuana dwI at trial. I WAS NOT IMPAIRED but because I was nervous and never been through it I was visibly shaking. I was asked to do ONE field sobriety test and I was arrested for dwi. They took a bloodtest and I suspect there will of course be Marijuana in my blood because it stays in your blood over a period of time. My main question is.. Do you know of anyone beating a MARIJUANA DWI in the state or North Carolina?
Please speak with your lawyer. You've asked about this a zillion times on avvo. Because these charges can sometimes be...
Will I be able to fight a Marijuana only DWI in the state of North Carolina?
On February 28th I was stopped at a checkpoint at 1:30 AM that was a block away from my house. I had just woken up from my sleep to drive home from my friends house because I had work the next day. I had smoked that night at about 9 o' clock but I was NOT impaired what so ever when I had got in the car. As soon as I stopped the officer smelled the marijuana that I had in my pocket and said my eyes were red because I had just woken up. He preformed ONE and ONLY one Field Sobriety test and it was the One leg stand. I was visibly shaking and nervous and as soon as I had got done counting to the number he told me to count to and put my leg down he arrested me and claimed I was DWI. They took my blood and NEVER offered a breathalyzer. If I had a high amount of marijuana in my blood from being an occasional user, WOULD IT BE POINTLESS to go to TRIAL? I'm currently being told by my attorney that the DA is not willing to reduce the charges at all based on the officers statements where as one of the statements he told about the one leg stand wasn't even a true statement that I apparently "put my leg down multiple times when counting". Attorney says "Wait for blood test, trial if you want to
Impaired driving is impaired driving, whether the impairing substance is alcohol, weed, oxy or mushrooms. If the cops...
What is the statute of limitations in NC for criminal charge.
In 2013 i was charged with drug paraphernalia which was .07 grams of synthetic marijuana. Hit and run property damage of mailbox. Was taken to hospital and blood test done. To this day the blood test has not been received. Court has been continued until present day and still no blood test received. Can this be thrown out due to time of accident?
NC's statute of limitations says that you must be CHARGED within two years of the offense date of the misdemeanor. You...