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I was pulled over and cited for 1543b which is driving during DUI suspension. I haven't had a DUI conviction in 7 yrs
I was cited for 1543B and am facing jail time for driving under DUI suspension, and haven't had any DUI convictions since about 2010, and was only given 6 mos suspension. However I was convicted in04 and was sent to prison, and my county took it upon themselves to not start my suspension time until I was released from prison several yrs after my conviction. I cannot afford an attorney to fight these charges and have been charged numerous times with 1543B and I have to drive due to work. There's no possible way my wife can drive me to work. I have COPD/ emphysema and am currently fighting this for illegal firing and illegal eviction but if I'm incarcerated, I'll blow my case
You did not ask a question so I am not sure what you want to know. I suggest you amend your submission so that we can...
One of my bestfriends has court tomorrow. He has a felony and a dui felony charge. I need to know what's going to happen.
This is his first time getting arrested, and his first time going to court. I need to know asap. I need to know everything that's going to happen. What all the possibilitys are, and how much time he could serve. I need to know before tomorrow.
I would speak with his attorney to answer the questions he is able to answer and provide what information he can to you.
Why does my DUI, which I completed the ARD program for still show up on my FBI fingerprint criminal record check?
I got the DUI in 2000, and completed the ARD program not long after. It does not show up on the act 33 or act 34 clearances. How can I get it to stop showing up on the FBI fingerprint clearance for employment purposes? I thought it was expunged when you did the ARD program. Who or where can I contact to get more information? Thanks so much for your help.
I don't practice in PA, but generally speaking an expungement removes your requirement to answer yes to questions...
If I have a dui in Pa about a year ago that was supposed to be exspunged, now got one in Ohio what am I looking at?
Getting a dui in Pa that was supposed to be expunged about a 1 and a half years ago and now got one in Ohio what am I looking at?
The first thing you need to do is to confirm that your DUI in Pennsylvania has indeed been cleared by the expungement...
Will IMA doctors make me take a drug test during my visit
I have MS and Iam going to a IMA doctor for disability and wanted to know if they will make me do a drug test
First of all, this is NOT a criminal law question. However, rather than re-posting to the correct practice area, let...
Positive drug test on ard
I am on a non duo related ard program through he state if pa. I have kept all my payments up, finished all community service hour and otherwise good on everything. What's going to happen?
Check with the attorney who handled this matter for you.
If a person who holds a CDL gets a dui but is adjudicated to ard does he loose his license. Charged with above .16
Charged with above .16 wreck less driving
There is a automatic one year suspension of your CDL if you get ARD. If you have a regular passenger license then it...