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Would i be wrong to just talk to the A.D.A and ask for a plea deal so i just get fined?
I was convicted of a dwai last april and my license was suspended until december 8th 2015 i was pulled over on November 17th of last year and charged with driving wthout a license.
If you are pulled over for driving without a license following a DW conviction, then you will likely be charged with a...
Court clerk submitted my DWI conviction 6 years 10 months 15 days after my conviction. Now I'm serving another suspension.
Court clerk submitted conviction almost seven years late. I am now told my license is suspended from the date they submit the forms. I surrendered my license at my first court date over seven years ago. Went through the hoops for probation and alcohol classes to get my license back after I waited three years after the DWI conviction. Is there anything I can do? I feel like I'm being penalized twice for the same crime. I drive for UPS and this crime is coming back to haunt me almost seven years after I jumped through all the hoops.
Speak with an attorney in the town in which the court is located. They may be able to speak with the clerk and the...
I was arrested for disorderly conduct and then sent to the emergency room because I was intoxicated. What should I do about this
I am 18 year old college student, and was highly intoxicated and an ambulance was called for me. But I refused to get on, and was physically restrained and then arrested by the officer for disorderly conduct. My court date is in the near future. Do I need to get a lawyer for this court date? Does this show up on my permanent record? I heard disorderly conduct gets "sealed" after a year, is that true? Any advice for what I should do is helpful. Thank you.
Your already on the good path. Why ruin it by pleading guilty to anything? Hire an attorney and have him obtain an...
Should I plead innocent for DWI with a .07 as first offense & what should I do before my court date if I can't afford a lawyer?
I was detained by an officer on my way back to my apartment after having Thanksgiving dinner with some friends. My roommate had lent me his car for the weekend, while he was out of town. Since I don't usually drive around, I got lost (the officer detained me after I drove around the same area twice). I had taken a glass of whiskey, so the officer noticed the smell and he asked me to take the tests. After the preliminary tests, I got arrested for alleged driving while intoxicated (without having my rights read at the time). The BAC was measured by test as 0.07% and they also charged me with invasion of another lane (which I don't recall having done) and not using the signal when turning onto another street. I have no criminal record, nor I have been arrested ever before for anything.
Your situation sounds defendable. Select a local lawyer who you can trust to represent you aggressively. Good luck.
Was convicted of A-dwi. I served 2 years of the 3 of probation and just recently violated.
I originally 2 years ago got convicted of a misdemeanor, recently violated for drinking. Now I am looking at a year of alcohol and drug classes 3 times a week with suspended probation for 3 months on top of my 1 year left of probation so 15 months in total. Or I can do the max 1 year in county jail that's if I get the full 1 year. So that is my question how likely is it I will get the max 1 year term and is it possible to get a shorter sentence? Seeing as I never violated probation before. Not to mention before my trouble with the law 2 years ago never even had a speeding ticket and have had a full time job this whole time. Also is it possible to get out sooner on good behavior for this?
On a 1 year sentence you will do 8 months with credit for any time previously in jail on the same case. Your lawyer can...
Two breathalyzers inconclusive, refused blood test, charged with commonlaw DWI, speeding
In July of 2003 I was convicted of a DWAI in my home state of New York. Saturday after my best friend's wedding I was pulled over for speeding -- 75 in a 55. The officer performed field sobriety tests, and arrested me. While at the station I admitted that I was probably too drunk, and that I'd had four glasses of wine. I submitted to two breathalyzers, but the machine didn't work properly, so they took me to the hospital for a blood test, where I refused due to my needle phobia. I know in 'common law' DWI cases the BAC is not necessary for conviction, but what can I reasonably expect as far as what charge I will have to plea to -- and the likelihood of jail time? Can I get a better lawyer than the public defender without money up front? Also, how do I find out if my license is supended?
It may be possible to negotiate a plea to another DWAI? Because your prior DAWI wasn't within the last five years the...
I received a DUI in PA in 2007 and completed the ARD program. The charges were expunged from my record. Can I enter Canada?
I did a criminal background check through the PA state police and it comes up "no record." I just want to make sure I won't run into any issues at the border since I am traveling on business.
Greetings: I suggest that you check your FBI rap sheet. Go to: Best...