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  • Norwich man charged in two vehicle thefts in one day

    Saturday Nov 19 | via The Day 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: Police in Groton arrested a Norwich man Saturday who was wanted in connection with two different car thefts, including one from a Groton gas station just hours after he allegedly stole one from Norwich. Norwich police first alerted neighboring departments of a vehicle stolen out of Norwich at 11:22 a.m. It took just six minutes for Groton Town police to find the vehicle in the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel in Groton.


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  • Groton Town police charge man in assault of woman at...

    Friday Nov 18 | via TheDay.Com 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: Groton - Town police have arrested a 35-year-old man on charges he assaulted and caused serious injury to a woman who had an active protective order in place against him. The alleged assault, which occurred sometime in October, was reported on Thursday.


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  • Groton man charged in domestic assault

    Tuesday Nov 15 | via TheDay.Com 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: Groton - A Groton man was arrested Sunday after a domestic incident in which a woman suffered bleeding in her skull, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Mark Martin, 31, of 603 Shennecossett Road was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree strangulation and second-degree reckless endangerment, the affidavit said.


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  • Two men charged in scheme to steal trade secrets fro...

    Monday Nov 14 | via The Day 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: Two men, including one from Griswold, were charged in connection with "a scheme to steal trade secrets" from LBI Inc., a Groton-based defense contractor that designs unmanned underwater vehicles for the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research, the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut Deirdre M. Daly announced Monday.


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  • Alleged getaway driver pleads not guilty to role in ...

    Nov 1, 2016 | via The Day 

    To continue reading up to 10 premium articles, you must register , or sign up and take advantage of this exclusive offer: A teen accused of driving a stolen car to a botched robbery that ended with a shooting at the 99 Restaurant & Pub in Groton last month pleaded not guilty Tuesday when he made his first appearance in the New London court where major crimes are tried.  Timothy B. McKoy, 18, of New London is charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery, accessory to first-degree robbery and accessory to first-degree assault.


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Groton Law

A person I know has a failure to appear warrant for court cases involving narcotics/DUI. Do I call the cops with his location?
This person also owes me an extreme amount of money which I believe he committed Larceny to obtain this money however the police have said it is a "gray" area. Will the police arrest him if I tell them his location when he checks in on a social network, does this help prove this individual has bad character and fraud-ed me into loaning him money?
His arrest on the warrant wont have any impact on whether or not any action will be taken about the "larceny" case....
What are the odds of a 19 year old, who has been charged with DUI in CT, obtaining a work permit for a suspended license?
I attended a party where i had planned to stay the night being it was a hotel. Within the course of 3 hours I consumed 3 shots and a beer. Towards the end i went into the hot tub, which was separate from the room. While in their someone from the party comes in and says "the cops are here, we have to leave". So i get redressed and leave the pool area and assumed it was okay too leave. I planned on just going straight home however my friend offered for me to drive two other people from the party home too. So I reluctantly did, and no more than 4 minutes down the road from the party I get pulled over for not signaling and arrested for DUI. Not to mention passed all of their tests too.
You should contact a DUI lawyer in your area. If you passed all the tests you may be able to fight the case. In...
DUI - first DUI did AEP now arrested second DUI but I wAs not drunk - town Waterford - Waterford pd --- blew 0.06 -- clark lane
Set the scene. November 28. -- 6pm 30 degrees outside --side of busy road- I had just left a friend needing a ride involved in a disturbance. Some guy tryattack me. So I left immediately, They called in my plate number. I was pulled over told the entire story from my perspective. Did the field sobriety test and failed told the officer I had foot ball injury in my knee. Was arrrested and charged with OUI. I submit to breathlizer. First run 0.0606 -Second run 0.0644 that's well below the legal limit. I told the office I had a margarita during dinner around 3. After my first DUI I would never drink anything over two drinks tops If I had to drive and I was arrested anyways. So I'm extremely FUSTRATED. I would like to sue the PD for wrongful arrest. Here's the kicker my Asthma medication was in my car. That was towed and locked unable to retrieve. I suffered a massive asthma attack that almost left me dead gasping for air being sufficated from the inside not able to get to my inhaler during the middle of the night. So I just was relased from the hospital. Relased from prison at 11pm . Arrested at 6am. Breathlized at 7. Kept for 4 hours. I'm dissapointed in the system.Thank you
How long was this arrest after your previous DWI. I would need to check on your probation, but I believe that the legal...
In CT can a third party tip lead to OUI with out the officer viewing erratic driving or swerving ?
Charge OUI - officer just pulled me over based on citizens tip. Failed the field test -- blew 0.0644 next blew 0.0606. Sounds like a complete violation of my 4th admendment right.
Unfortunately you're wrong . A 3rd party tip is perfectly ok and you can get pulled over . I'll guarantee that the...
How would i handle this
two dui's in conneticutt 30 yrs ago now resident of florida can not get licsence renewal
You have not given enough information for a full response here. An attorney would have to ask you a number of questions,...
Failed urine test in treatment while on probation
Been on probation for a few months for a dui. They placed me on scadd, which is for alcohol and substance abuse. They gave me a urine test when I went in for evaluation, I apparently tested positive for thc, smoked almost a month ago. Gave clean urine to probation my first time there and just wondering what is going to happen when I see my p.o next week.
Probably nothing will happen if your second test was clean and you explain that the first test was positive because of...
Can I ask the DMV to suppress or otherwise absolve a drug and alcohol training from my driving record?
I was ineligible to be hired by a company because my driving record showed that I had completed a drug and alcohol training course. Their insurance company couldn't cover me becuase they equated the course to mean I once was arrested for drinking and driving. This is the only item on my driving record which happened in 2010 and I have no other criminal record.
It will remain on your DMV record for approximately 7-10 years. You can always ask but highly unlikely to be successful