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Can I get a refusal expunged off my record
I passed the breath test then I went to jail I ask for a blood test the jail wouldn't give me one
What was the outcome of the case? Or is it still pending?
I'm on probation and I got arrested again how long it takes for my probation officer to found out about it
I'm on probation for no driver license and I got pull over again and went to jail for the same reason
There is no telling how long until they are notified. However, if you appointment comes up before they know, you will...
What a good price on getting help to write a hardship letter to uplift a lifetime disqualifion off a CDL license.
I was arrested on a probation violation. I need a lawyer to give details.
We are not allowed to quote prices on this forum. If you need a local lawyer, you can use the find a lawyer tab above...
What I can do because my license was suspend when I was arrested on a probation violation from a pryor convention of a DUI.
I turn myself in cause I lose my Driving job cause a lose my license. And it was hard to get a regular job. So I told the probation officer I need to go and spend the rest of my time in jail. I haven't had a another violation.
I'm not sure that I understand the question here. If you no longer wish to serve your time on probation someone, maybe...
I was asking how do I write a hardship letter to have my CDL reinstated and if it easy just to get a Lawyer if I don't know how
I was on probation on a DUI. I didn't have a job and no where to go. So I ask my probation officer let me serve my time. So while I was there they started to send me these letter say my CDL are on a lifetime suspension is that legal. I didn't do nothing, just didn't have a job. I didn't know they would do that. Just cause my financial problem it would have my CDL suspended. Wow
The lifetime suspension of your CDL is due to your DUI conviction.
What to if your CDL driver license was suspend of a probation violation.
I turn myself in to do the rest of my jail time in jail cause I couldn't find a job.
Is there a question in there somewhere? Maybe find a different occupation? Finding a lawyer might be helpful?
Question ask is what I can do if my license was suspend on a probation violation.
I didn't get a lifetime suspension til I ask the probation officer I can't find a job let me go ahead and do my jail time.
Please see my response to your other post.