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I have a felony warrant out of Michigan. It is for a DUI with no property damage and no personal injury.
It is my first Dui In MI. but have had 3 in in Indiana 2 Felonies from this in Indiana over the past 15 years.
What is the question you need answered about this? A felony warrant can only be dealt with head on, as if you do...
DMV saying a IID has to be on a vehicle for a year after a DWI conviction, but conviction was over a year ago. Is this true?
Convicted of DWI in St Charles parish over a year ago. Went to get DL reinstated and was told a IId has to be installed for a year even though I don't own a vehicle.
Your questions is not clear. I'm sure at the time you received the DUI either you owned the vehicle or you drove some...
DWI Probation problems?
I was charged with a DWI in April. I pleaded 894 with the city attorney and was sentenced to community service, AA meetings, MADD and Driving Class. However of these I have only completed the AA meetings and Community Service. I Have a full time job, but I am not driving and it gas been very hard to even achieve these. The MADD panels in my area have all passed. I am trying to find a driving school, but my court date is in a week. Will I be going to jail? Can I request probation extension to just finish these classes? I am really worried about my court date. My probation officer has not really communicated with me at all either.
Do your best to get everything completed and be able to prove it.
I have a mental condition and I have a dwi pending Is it possible I ca get it dismised by pleading not guilty by reason insanity
I have dwi pending since 2012,im going to court tomorrow,I also have a mental condition,do it possible for me to plea not guilty by reason of insanity,to get it dismissed.
This is squarely in the realm of legal advice, and we cannot give you legal advice without fully understanding the...
Charged with 1st dui, but its actually my 4th, can they change the charge
got a ticket for a 1st dui but its actually 4th, will they up my charge when I go to court?
It's certainly possibile. If the prosecutor learns that you have 3 priors, it's unlikely that he or she would not amend...
Had a DUI in 2008 that was dismissed in 2012 in La. Shortly after got DUI in Miss. in 2012 and it was dismissed this last month
when I try to have the Miss. DUI expunged, do you think they would reopen the case if they saw the La. dismissal? I read that a dismissal can be reopened within 18 months of the dismissal. Do you think they would. Don't think they realized it was my second offence before the dismissal.
As a general rule I advise clients not to seek an expungement unless the applicable period of time expires in which to...
Missing 8 hours of litter abatement, what should I expect?
I've been involved in a pretrial intervention program for nearly a year now. My last appointment is in 4 days. As I've been gathering my documents together for my case officer, I've only just realized that I'm missing 8 hours of litter abatement out of 16 required hours. I performed my litter abatement over a year ago right after I received my DUI, yet before I entered pretrial, and honestly could not recall whether or not I went both days. I had two sheets signed by the litter detail supervisor, so I figured that I had gone twice and just couldn't recall. I'm only now realizing that the date on each is the same. I won't have an opportunity to do any more litter abatement hours before my final meeting. I am planning on calling court and my case officer tomorrow, but what should I expect?
If you've done everything else without a problem, you'll likely get an extension since you seem to have a valid excuse....