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My ten years from sentencing for my third DUI in Portland Oregon is up in 9/2015. How much to petition the courts for license?
I haven't had any driving offenses since. I have a job. I transfer schools in the fall and need to be able to get their. Has anyone been through this yet? I have been told this is a fairly new process. Thank you for your time.
No one on here can quote you a fee because that would be considered solicitation and that is prohibited by the rules....
DUI conviction in Illinois over 10 years ago.
How long can a DUI be held against me from another state? I have been denied getting my license back twice now from Illinois even after seeing evaluators and treatment specialists, and providing all documentation. The reasons it was denied seem to be ludicrous (IE "petitioner does not understand full ramifications of the conviction") what should me next steps be? Can an Oregon attorney help or would I need to get one licensed in Illinois?
In order to get an Oregon driver's license, you will need to clear your status in Illinois and be eligible for...
After 3 dui in Oregon can I petition the court 10 years after sentencing, or after probation?
My 10 years from sentencing is coming up. Can I petition soon or is it ten years after probation ends?
Below is the section of ORA 809.235 that lays out the 10 year waiting period for petitioning the Court to have your...
How do I get rid of a "roommate" that I have no written agreement with, has not paid me any money and is drunk and agressive?
I was looking for a roommate. He needed a place- he didn't have a job, but he had promises.. I took him in. After two weeks he was getting drunk every day, no job, no money. Asleep when I leave for work and passed out when I return. He has become agressive towards me because I told his friend that I was going to kick him out. I had the police come because I was afraid he would harm me and my belongings. They said they couldn't remove him. They asked him to leave and he refused. Now I am staying with friends and he is in the apartment that I signed an agreement for. What can I do? The police made it sound hopeless for me and I have come to realize this guy is a pro at this con.
The first thing you need to do is get in to see an attorney to review your rights under Oregon law. If he is being...
In Oregon I am going through diversion and I don't want to finish it. It is starting to effect work. What happens if I just quit
First DUI and never been arrested for anything else.
If you quit participating in Diversion, the Court will eventually terminate your Diversion and you will end up with a...
I just received my first DUI. Will i be able to qualify for diversion even if I had some type of diversion Approx 9 years ago?
My diversion from the past was from a misdemeanor harassment charge, not a DUI
It depends on the specific facts. If it was a diversion for DUII in Oregon or a Deferred Prosecution in WA then I say...
I was in a MVA and hit by a drunk driver what happens if his coverage doesn't cover all my medical bills and lawyer fees
The police report shows he was at fault and if I try to recover any restitution they are requesting I sign away any right to a settlement and I maxed out my PIP and still have issues with torn ligaments in my shoulder and an impingement and have had a headache for over three weeks but I can't afford to pay for medical out of my pocket so what do I do at this point it happened back in November
Answered in another post.