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I recently found out who my Judge will be for my 2nd DUI at the 47th district court in Farmington Hills MI. It's Judge Parker & she runs sobriety court, I am serious about my sobriety since my DUI I've been sober, attend AA meetings, have a sponsor, go to individual therapy & group therapy. I know the guidelines for sobriety court is to reside in that area but I don't & my county doesn't have it, but I am hoping she will consider my seriosuness & allow me into her program. Any thoughts or experience is helpful & I have already spoke to an attorney I am waiting for my pre trial conference in June.
If you are going to the AA meetings, spoken to an attorney and going to stop drinking and driving you are on the right path.
I have been sober since the night I was ticketed with my 2nd DUI, I have been going to AA 3-5 times a week, I have a substance abuse therapist, I am attending & substance abuse/alcoholics treatment group, & have several reference letters from both of my jobs as well as the Marine Corp. League for volunteer work I do yearly, & proof of the business degree I am currently pursuing. I know I messed up I am ashamed of myself & want to be sober & keep my jobs & my current position obtaining my degree. But I am scared of jail & losing it all. I have hired an attorney but he doesn't communicate well so it leaves me in the dark. Will the court take any of this into consideration?
The only person that can determine whether you are affirmatively going to jail or not is the Judge. The 47th is not as...
I have a record of possession of marrjuanna charges & recently was charged with my 2nd dui. After the year suspension & I get a hearing in front of the S.O.S board will that hinder me in going further with getting even a restricted license in the state of Michigan?
Yes, you will need complete sobriety, lots if supporting letters and a great, experienced attorney and that will still...
I was charged with a 2nd OWI & went to see an attorney whom I am familiar with hours after being realsed from Jail. Out of panic I gave him a deposit, but after leaving his office I did reaserch & found that he has a few misconducts against him. He's hasn't filed an appearance on my case yet. I am in limbo to keep him or eat the deposit & go with an attorney that has better reviews & has been more available for communication. Both attorneys are from the county I was charged in.
If the lawyer you first "hired" is not communicating well with you, you have a right to get a new lawyer, as you should....
I made a careless decision, & I need the help to hold me accountable for being sober & keep my license because I was recently promoted to management of a well known company & need to have a license. I am a good citizen that works 2 jobs & currently going to school for business in which I am nearing completion of my associates degree. I need some kind of answer for some kind of reassurance
Most likely not, unless sobriety court is available in Howell. What I am sure about is that you need to speak with an...
Not alcohol its for my prescriptions they found when I blew zero and took my blood
For both offenses that you mention, the prosecution would have six years from the date of the offense to charge you...
I am located in Howell. Since I cannot drive, distance is important. I have 2 prior DUI's from 1991 and 1997. I am working on some of the requirements, however, I need someone to review my case. I am looking for someone with reasonable rates, possibly willing to provide a reduced rate due to my prior military service. I have a recent copy of my driving record as well. Thank you.
There are a number of questions that would need to be asked and answered. Please feel free to give me a call. I am...