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What to expect for first violation of Probation with 33rd district court?
License restricted from s.o.s and pulled over ten houses away from my home (out in the boonies) with only a corner store ahead. Told officer the truth I was getting milk for my grandsons staying with me. Did not get arrested and I believe would have been let go but he was not alone. Had a partner with him. Jail for first violation of this matter?
While the judges there are certainly not the most lenient bunch, I believe that your 1st probation violation, under...
DUI in 2010 and 2012 have my CDL want get back in truck but nobody will hire me until 5 years after the 2012 dui
Have my CDL not suspended. Wondering how do I get around the waiting 2 more years and start making money?
I know you asked a similar question recently, but this is a different twist. I don't know how your license is not...
Got a dui 2010 and 2012 is changing my name the way to go so I can get back to driving big truck
Driving here in Michigan with local companies but want to go back to race teams no one will touch till after 5 years
>>> Changing your name won't do anything.... you'll still have the same driving record, unless I'm totally not...
Any advice on helping someone close to you through an owi emotionally?
My close friend started court recently for an owi. He has withdrawn a lot but has shared that he has been thinking a lot and how he wants to change the path of his future which is great to hear. I can tell he is very stressed and anxious and I don't believe it helps when I ask about how's everything's going. I want to do whatever I can to help show him I want to help him get through it and support him emotionally without overwhelming him. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Every person is different, so it is very difficult to generalize about what can be done to help any particular person,...
How hard in mi to get my drivers licence back after loss due to tickets and then I still drove and receive 8 dui's I have 6 year
If you are eligible, it can happen. Very tough case but the right experienced DAAD attorney can make all the difference....
Neighbors father keeps coming over and playing loud music slurs and drunk he used to live here is there anything we can do
can we get a restraining order
Yes, you can seek a non-domestic personal protection order. See the following link:
What is the punishment for accidentally starting a fire while intoxicated.
In Livingston county i was extremely intoxicated and stumbled into what i thought was a friends garage but it wasn't. I rummaged through tool boxes and the car looking for gloves and dropped a lit cigarette inside the car accidentally causing a fire that destroyed the car and burned down the garage causing 10,000 in damages.
DO NOT under any circumstances write anything else about this incident online. Consult with a criminal defense...