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  • Man accused of rape arrested on drug charges

    Tuesday | via 

    A Greenwood man out on bond after being accused of raping a woman and molesting two girls was arrested Monday after authorities found drugs on him while serving a warrant. Andrew Timothy Adcock, 34, of 138 Effie Dr., has been charged with distribution of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance in connection with the incident.


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  • Greenwood

    Sunday Nov 15 | via 

    A Hodges teen was arrested after authorities say he stole his mother's diamond ring and sold it to local gold trader. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been confirmed sightings of a deadly insect commonly known as the "kissing" bug in the southeastern United States.


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  • Man arrested after weapon discharged in Walmart

    Friday Nov 13 | via 

    One man in custody after reportedly discharging a firearm inside Walmart located on 72 Bypass in Greenwood. According to John Long, Officer in Charge of Professional Standards with the Greenwood Sheriff's Office, the suspect drops a weapon while inside a restroom in Walmart thus causing it to discharge.


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  • Man facing arson, other charges following domestic i...

    Monday Oct 26 | via 

    A Greenwood man was arrested Sunday afternoon after authorities say he choked a woman and set their house on fire after the woman refused to have sex with him. Charles Michael Hanley, 59, of 201 Bream Ave., has been charged with first degree domestic violence, third degree arson and driving under the influence in connection with the incident.


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  • this story a-o

    Oct 22, 2015 | via 

    Michael Wayne Smith, 26, was indicted for murder in connection with Baer's death, but a Greenwood County jury found Smith not guilty of murder before returning the guilty verdict on involuntary manslaughter, a lesser included offense of the charge of murder. Smith entered a plea of guilty on the charge of strong arm robbery, which also stemmed from Baer's death.


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  • James Marion Davis

    Oct 8, 2015 | via FOX Carolina 

    The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, including Anderson County deputies, arrested one of Anderson County's Most Wanted suspects on Monday. James Marion Davis, 57, was taken into custody without incident at a Greenwood residence and has been jailed at the Anderson County Detention Center, where he awaits a bond hearing, according to a written statement from the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.


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Greenwood Law

Will my license be suspended after I complete my AEP (Alcohol Education Program)?
Down at senior week, I made a bad decision of getting into a car with alcohol and we was pulled over on the strip and gave two tickets, MIP & Open Container. The cop didn't arrest us but gave us tickets and told us she would recommend us for PTI because we just graduated High School and we had scholarships we couldn't afford to lose. I have never, ever been in trouble with the law before or in trouble at all. I didn't use my PTI but I found out about AEP and I have enrolled in it. I'm almost done with my AEP but somebody mentioned after I complete my AEP, my license will be suspended. If that was the case, wouldn't my license have done been suspended from getting the tickets? Is that true? HELP!
Actually, upon successful completion of AEP, you may apply to the court for an expungement of your arrest record....
After 2nd DUI in SC, I'm starting over with nothing and no idea where to start. Need detailed advice if possible.
I am completely starting over after my 2nd dui. No car, no insurance, my suspension just ended since my lawyer took 3 years to go to court. Now i have to get a car, insurance, sr22, adsap, and the iid but i have idea where to start. Please help.
With all due respect, these are questions your lawyer can and should answer for you. If you cannot get any assistance...
How likely is it that the DMV will grant a reduction in habitual offender status?
I have alcohol violations within the suspension period. If I request a contested hearing when the DMV denies the request for reduction, how would I go about making sure I can receive the reduction. I am a full time student at university. I have totally changed my ways and just want to get back on the right track. The status was invoked in 2011, it will be 4 years in June of 2015.
The alcohol violations might make you ineligible. Contact a lawyer with experience in this field and bring a copy of...
How much would it cost to get an attorney for felony dui?
Son was in car accident in october. He suffered tbi and other injuries. They said he crossed median into other lane and hit another driver who died at scene. While immobile another car hit him. They arrested spn upon release of hospital 4 days later. They had previously told me there was a strong odor of alcohol. The hospital told us they drew blood for authorities at same time they drew theirs and there was not any alcohol in his system. He is now wearing a scram bracelet which we are ok with because he has never really been a drinker anyway. It happened between greenville and greenwood sc.
We are sorry to hear about your issue. You can find a great local lawyer to investigate the situation right here. Avvo...
Can a charge for public drunk affect my visa?
i will be leaving the states soon, and will be back in january. I was wondering if that charge shows up at customs in the airport
It does, but this is a crime of moral turpitude. Please see
I got a DUI on 01/01/2015. Can I drive out of state for my grandson's graduation in June 2016 and meet my new great grandchild?
I got a DUI for the first time in my life on 01/01/2015 at the age of 63. I was not drunk. I would never drive if I was. I still have not gone to court yet. I will need to travel out of state in June 2016 to go to my grandson's high school graduation and meet my new great grandchild. Do I have to stay in SC until I go to court? I don't even know if I will be going to court. When will I know if I even have to go to court being it is my first time?
You should be able to leave the state, if you were given a bond then I would let your bonds person know if you do not...
To pleade guilty to my DUI case in south carolina. After paying fees. And move states. Regain License?
Have court in 3 weeks. Dui. If im stationed in south carolina but will eventually move back to california. Would it be wise to just pleade guilty to dui, pay fee and ticket & Move home to get a licence and new life with the G.I Bill. Can i get a licence in another state after i pleade guilty in south carolina?
It will depend on the state you're moving to. Do you have an idea which state that is?