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If i am pulled over at a sobriety check point on new years eve in kansas city mo, can i be arrested for having smoked weed?
I hopefully wouldnt high then but i sometimes use marijuana and i am scared that even if i give myself enough time to sober up, i get tired easily and will look intoxicated. i would not drink and drive but i am under 18. could i be charged or am i likely to be allowed to walk away? i dont own any drugs nor pipes, etc. and nothing is in my car
If an officer believes you are “under the influence” of marijuana, you would be charged with a dwi. In Missouri, a dwi...
How will my SIS for a DWI appear and impact future employment?
I was arrested in 2014, and sentenced an SIS in 2015 so I have not been convicted or charged with a crime. I currently am working on seeking new employement for the first time since this instance. The potential new employer is conducting a background check. I have been advised not to be forthcoming with what they may find upon this check and play my odds. From what I understand they will see a traffic stop with arrest and no other charges or convictions. The position is for a licensed client specialist position through an insurance company, does this mean they will conduct a government background check? Also is anyone familiar with an abbreviated background check? If this is what they conduct and they are only looking for felony and possession charges is there a chance they won’t even see my arrest?
First off I want to make clear that anything I say here is based upon the limited information that you have provided....
Is there a statute of limitations on a dui in Missouri?
Many years ago, maybe 8 or so, I received a dui. Pled guilty, was ordered probation, Satop and driving course to get my full driving privileges back. Due to life circumstances, I didn’t get around to doing that, but I did do my probation period with no issues. I am now working on getting my license back and am unable to find my case online. Is there a statute of limitations on getting things done or should I continue to go to my satop things?
There is no statute of limitations on DUI's. Some states had and may (still have?) laws that effectively "erased" a...
DUI Diversion Revocation hearing
I was cited for DUI in 2015, no prior record. I completed the diversion program (1 year stint) without incident. 79 days after I had completed said diversion I received a letter in the mail stating my diversion was being revoked due to a police report in which the officer states I was a witness to an event at a bar. Nearly 3 years after my DUI citation and over a year after my completed diversion I am attending a evidentiary hearing to refute this report (innocent & was not at bar or drinking). I graduate with an MBA in December, if revoked and charged this will have extremely detrimental effects on my life, career, education etc. IF revoked am I sentenced for DUI on the spot, or will I have time to appeal evidentiary hearing, plead non-guilty to original dui and set for trial, etc?
Hire an attorney. You have too much to lose to handle this on your own.
How many times can my public defender continue my case?
I plead guilty to felony DUI my public defender said my outcome would be probation and community service then she quit or something then they gave me a new public defender and switch courts now there changing my outcome and this case has been going on for awhile now what do I do
If the first Public Defender made a deal for you, then your file in her office should reflect it and the DA's file...
Driving priveledge reinstated 10 year revoked?
Aggravated offender multiple dui over several years. Felony driving while revoked with the last dui. No issues for the last 6 years. Served a 180. All classes completed. Is there a way to get any kind of driving priveledge back before the 10 years are up?
You might be able to petition the court for a limited driving privilege five years from the date of your last...
Llive in mo probation violation in lenexa ks for alcohol in ua, what am i looking at , should i not just show up cause im in mo
probation violation of a mistermeanor in ks for ua being alcohol, but live in mo, 2nd dwi,
If you have an attorney, I'd recommend calling him or her; if you do not I'd recommend finding one. Not showing up to a...