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How can i be charged with dwi while sitting in the passenger seat of a running parked car, in parking spot, in a parking lot?
During a domstic incident i tried to call 911 for help. The phone was taken away from me, so i fled. Went to police station, down the road, no one was there. I unlocked the car, got it the passenger seat and locked myself in for safety. I began beeping the horn to get someone's attention to have them call for help. At outside temperatures of -3°, i reached over started the car and turned the heat to high. Eventually someone did call the police because of the horn, but when they showed up they took me to the nys trooper barricks ( i THOUGHT to help me and to arrest my bf for abuse). 3hrs later they told me i was being charged with dwi!!!!?!?!?!?! I was shocked and horrified, scared and in pain. I asked for a lawyer, they said i didn't want 1 because then i couldn't leave that i would have to go to jail instead and they continued. I was not given any field tests, i was not putting myself or anyone else in harm. I was not driving. I was not in the drivers seat. The headlights were not on. The car was in park. The car was not on or along side a road. I was not pulled over. There is no way any one witnessed me driving because i wasn't. ?????
How did the car get there? This may be a circumstantial case.
If my DUI's (2) were dismissed can I still apply for a CDL license? The charges were in 2000 and 2010
The charges in 2000 were CWOF'd and the charges in CT are sealed following a diversionary program. Will these charges automatically disqualify me for a CDL even though they are "technically" not guilty
We could look that up for you but don't know offhand
Misdemeanor DWI
My husband got a misdemeanor DWI. The arresting officer has called my husband and told him he forgot to fingerprint and photograph my husband and it needs to be done before he goes to court. What does this mean for my husband's case since the officer forgot to do these 2 things?
It does not mean anything regarding the charges, but being fingerprinted prior to the court appearance will be...
Can an out of state DUI license suspension affect your license in your home state?
I got a DUI in Vermont and got my license suspended in Vermont. I live in New York and was just wondering if the suspension would carry over into my NY license. I am taking the appropriate steps in Vermont to regain my license and so far nothing has happened in NY, but I didn't know if anything would happen by the time I get my privileges back in VT.
Yes. Most states are part of a driver's license compact, and if you are revoked in one state the information may be...
Can i stay out of jail and just get probation with a class d felony non volant i dont have a record out side of these dwi
no other tickets beside these 3 big ones
Probation is a valid authorized sentence for a class D felony DWI. Whether you get it or not will depend on a variety...
Can I be charged with a DUI/DWI?
I was driving home from a party. After dropping off my friends, I pulled into a parking area on the side of the parkway to respond to a text. Two undercover cops questioned me when I got back in the car and notice open and unopened beers in my car (which I tried to hide by holding my hand over the empty bottle (I was very nervous)). They told me that they had no interest in issuing me a DUI. They repeatedly asked if I had cocaine, meth, and heroin, which I did not. They searched my car, and I voluntarily emptied my pockets to show that I had nothing. I overheard one of them tell the other that I was not the guy. They clearly saw the beers and all they said after was don't drink and drive. They didn't run/check my license or even ask my name and age. It seemed to me that they may have been DEA agents and not NYPD. Can I still get charged with a DUI/DWI or an open container violation?
No you will not be arrested after the fact. No field test or breath tests were administered or refused.
How can I resolve a DUI in Ohio from New York?
My husband had a DUI in Ohio over ten years ago and has been denied his NY driver's license. He has tried to contact the courts to resolve it, but they told him he has to appear in person because he has a warrant. We both work full time and are unable to travel to Ohio. Is there another way to resolve this from New York?
You should contact an attorney in the county in Ohio where the DWI occurred. Where I practice in New York it would be...