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  • Woman dropped 80lbs - and kept up the momentum throu...

    Tuesday Jun 23 | via Daily Mail 

    The moment cops arrested Dylann Roof and HIGH-FIVED each other after they captured Charleston killer without firing a shot Is organic food tastier? No, it's all in the mind: 'Moral satisfaction' of eating items produced in an ethical way means you're more likely to enjoy it Judge grants mistrial in case of two former Vanderbilt University football players accused of rape after it's revealed juror withheld that he was raped at 16 Unseen Camelot: Nanny's never before seen private photos of JFK, Jackie, and their children go up for sale after decades under wraps Brian Williams might be in for frosty reception at MSNBC after staff chanted 'f*** Brian Williams' when he reported on channel Breakthrough for Obama as the Senate signals that it will give him the go-ahead to negotiate a Pacific Rim deal What does it take to burn off your summer treats? 30 minutes' spinning for a burger, 15 minutes ... (more)


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  • Greenwich Teacher of the Year | Robbery, Assault Arr...

    Thursday Jun 18 | via 

    A Greenwich fire official said crews had to wait 90 minutes for Eversource to shut electrical service so the fire could be extinguished. The man who allegedly swiped the soda valued at $5.58 is now being held on a $25,000 bond by Milford police.


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  • Greenwich Man Receives 8-Year Jail Sentence for Atta...

    Thursday Jun 18 | via 

    Michael DeMaio, the Greenwich resident who was arrested on attempted murder and assault charges for the near-fatal baseball bat beating of his ex-wife, was sentenced to eight years in jail Wednesday. DeMaio received as 20-year sentence that was suspended after eight years and must serve five years probation, according to the Connecticut Judicial Branch website.


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  • DeMaio gets eight years for trying to kill Greenwich...

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via Greenwich Citizen 

    Greenwich resident Michael DeMaio was sentenced to eight years in jail Wednesday for nearly beating his wife to death with a baseball bat in their backcountry mansion after seeing her pack some sexy lingerie for a trip he wasn't going on nearly two years ago. Appearing in a bright orange prison suit after being brought from the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, DeMaio asked for his wife's forgiveness and wished her a speedy recovery.


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  • Greenwich Man Accused of Assaulting, Robbing Girlfriend

    Wednesday Jun 17 | via 

    It was about 2 a.m. Tuesday when the victim returned home and found the suspect "throwing objects on the floor of their residence and damaged property owned by the victim," according to a police report. The victim and the suspect who police said "have had ongoing relationship problems" began to argue.


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  • Greenwich Police Plan Retail Theft Prevention Seminar

    Tuesday Jun 16 | via The Greenwich Daily Voice 

    Detective Mark Solomon will lead the seminar at 6 p.m. at the Greenwich Police Department, 11 Bruce Place. The cost is $10; capacity is limited so participants must register in advance.


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  • Teen Faces Alcohol, Weapons Charges Following Greenw...

    Jun 1, 2015 | via 

    A 19-year-old was arrested on alcohol and weapons charges by Greenwich Police after the car he was driving crashed into a utility pole in central Greenwich. The teen had "red, glassy eyes a an odor of burnt marijuana on his person" and "slurred speech" when he spoke to officers investigating the crash that occurred at 11:15 p.m. Saturday on Mason Street, according to a police report.


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Greenwich Law

Do police have access to blood taken at the hospital when a doctor took it?
I was driving and in an accident on Saturday night. I was conscious after the accident but taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure afterwards. At the hospital the doctor came in and took blood prior to the police arrival. I was told the sample was to make sure I was ok - the accident was on the severe side. Do the police have access to that blood sample for testing? When the police did show up they never mentioned the sample or anything along those lines of testing.
Yes, they have the right to that sample
If the cops come will I be prosecuted through guilt by association? How?
I am a minor from Greenwich, CT. I do not drink. There is a party tonight where there will be drinking. Will i get prosecuted for being there if the cops show up? Please let me know!
Sometimes all kids get lumped together, right? Not fair, but it happens from time to time. DO NOT DRINK - not even a...
Negligence, gross negligence or reckless?
Please consider this scenario and let me know how you might expect a judge to rule: The owner of a property has hired an independent contractor to do some work that involves the cutting of metal fixtures. After the work was finished, two hours later, a fire that was smoldering in an enclosed space destroyed the building. Causation is clearly the contractor. However, immediately after the contractors left, the owner went to lock up and noticed a burnt or burning metal smell. Under testimony, owner states that she associated this smell with the work of cutting metal that had occured immediately prior. The workers also testified that there was a burning or burnt metal smell while the work was being done, as is normal. They testified that they smelled no odor upon leaving. *more*
Does not sound like Gross negligence or recklessness. One could reasonably expect a smell from cutting such as this...
On probation after doing 1+years in jail for 3 DUI's. Have been charged with my 4th.What will be the consequences.
On probation after doing 1+ years for 3 DUI's. Have since been charged with a fourth. What are the likely consequences?
Most obviously you are almost certainly looking at having your probation revoked for the original offense. You are...
Can a anonymous witness go to court to testify
I wasn't pulled over and the witness asked to be anonymous said he took the keys out the ignition because the operator looked intoxicated and I was arrested for suspicion of dui
Once the witness wants to give sworn testimony the witness must state his or her name
Can an anonymous witness to a car accident give their name to police
I was arrested for suspicion of dui and a witness in the police report wished to remain anonymous said they took the keys out the car because operator looked intoxicated sand when police arrived driver driver wasn't in the car can they subpoena subpoena the anonymous witness
Yes if they know who Mr Aninymos is
Can I get a third dui dropped to a wrekless driving if no one was injured in a accident and I was the only one one evolved
I was driving under the influence of drugs the police didn't pull me over a witness had my keys until the police arrived I failed the tests and they arrested me for suspicion of dui I hit a snow bank no injuries
Unlikely. In fact, depending on when your other two DUI convictions were, you may be looking at a mandatory minimum...