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Will a DUI charge show up on a background check for job applications
I was charged with a DUI in the state of south carolina. The charged was dismissed and expunged. So will any background check be able to find it?
A background check will show convictions and pending charges. A criminal charge that has resulted in an acquittal...
Can I change my underage dui court date to an earlier date, and how do I go about my case?
I was arrested for underage drinking and open container in South Carolina. It is my first time being charged with this. I was originally pulled over for going 69 in a 45. I failed 1 of the 3 tests, the eye one, so they took me to the station to do a breathalyzer. I blew a 0.01% which is under what I needed to. So I would like advice on how to proceed with that part of my case. But also I am going to Australia for a couple weeks to visit a friend that moved there which so happens to be when my court date is. Anyway I can ask for an earlier date or something so I don't miss court or my trip? Side not. The officer said I was acting like I was on naccartics, even though I honestly wasn't. I was extremely nervous. It was my first time being pulled over let alone being told to get out my car. So how do I handle that situation. I'm very concerned about what to do. Any help is much appreciated
You would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney, say nothing, plead not guilty and ask for jury trial. A...
What can be done in this situation?
I was coming from home after coming from a bar. I went to make a left turn and got hit in the rear driver side wheel. I took a FST on uneven pavement and was arrested for DUI. When given the breathalyzer I blew a .16. This is my first offense.
You should call a lawyer who handles DUI cases on a regular basis this morning. The financial impact of a DUI...
Should I take the plea bargain or go to trial?
I got pulled over for dui about 2 years ago. I got an attorney. My tapes were good showing that I passed all the tests to consider if you are drunk and my speech was not slurred at all. My only problem is that when I get locked up, I'm talking a whole bunch of junk which kind of makes it look like I was drunk (I have bad anxiety). The prosecutor gave me a bargain to reckless driving or I can just go to trial. My lawyer has good arguments but the only bad thing is my freakin mouth when he puts me in the cop car.
God gave you a lawyer for a reason. What does you lawyer recommend? What is your driver's record like? What is the...
DUI in Florida, License suspended for 5 years. Now living in South Carolina.
My brother got his license suspended for 5 years in Florida. It is been almost 2 years and he decided to go to the DMV. At the DMV they look at his record twice and my brother said that the incident is on this record. The person at the DMV said that he can get an regular license (no restrictions), if he pays $100, do the road test again and have the SR22 insurance. He told the DMV that he got a DUI in Florida. Will he get in trouble if he gets a license? Will the DMV's be at fault? how can he find out if he still has a suspension? He doesn't have his Florida driver license number. Thanks
Call the FL DMV and inquire into the status of the suspension. If FL still has him suspend, he could run into trouble...
Driver License suspended in Florida DUI; Moving to South Carolina
My brother got his driver license suspended in Florida for a Hit and Run while intoxicated. His charge was lowered to a DUI with damage to property. His license was suspended for 5 years, 1 year probation and some fees. It has been more than one year and he is done with his probation. While he was in probation his lawyer assured him that he could get a hardship driver license in FL. He never tried to get the license back because he didn't have any money. Now he is moving to South Carolina and I wonder if he could get license here. My understanding is that there is no hardship driver license here..... but there is a restricted license. Is it possible for him to get a license here in South Carolina? do we need to higher a lawyer? or just go to the DMV and see what they say? Thanks
You will most likely be able to apply for a restricted license without the assistance of an attorney. If you have...
Is my expunged, nol prosse dui still on my driving record? Shouldn't it not be?
I was charged with a DUI in 2012 but it was declared nolle prossed and I received the order for the destruction of arrest records. My license has been reinstated. The DUI was in South Carolina but I have a Florida license.
Contact the Clerk of Court in the county the DUI happened. I doubt that the DUI was nolle prossed, probably dropped...