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Do I have a case for negligence against the arresting police department?
On 12/14/2015 I was the passenger in my new Ram 1500, after offering a friend a ride home after a women's meeting, when my friend ( who was driving since I was ill) took a sharp turn on a dark country road, loss control, hit a pole. The driver's side air curtain airbag deployed & every safety alarm went off: I struck my head/right side of my face against the passenger window & my left knee went into the glove compartment, the airbag hit her in the left side of the head. She attempted to open the drivers door, & when that failed, climbed out of the back of the vehicle & took off. Since the passenger door wouldn't open, I climbed into the drivers seat to try to use the main door locks to try to get the doors to open ( she also took the keys). After some time an officer came on the scene, no one had seen the accident or called, he was on patrol. I tried to explain what had happened & provided my information to him. He was completely indifferent to my injuries. The reason, I believe is my plea to DUI 5 yrs earlier. I have gerds so I require a blood test & instead of a hospital I got a jail cell. Now I find out I have permanent nerve damage on top of loss wks of work .
What exactly would be the negligence of the officer? Found an accident scene with someone apparently under the...
What is the statute of limitations in RI for STD transmittal?
I was dating a man who didn't disclose to me that he was hsv (Herpes Simplex Virus) positive. We slept together & he went on vacation. During that time (about 11 days) I developed a (genital) primary outbreak & went to the Dr to get a swab / blood test. My blood test came back negative (as it was a primary outbreak & my body hadn't built up antibodies yet (with no antibodies, you produce a negative result) I was given a prescription for antivirals & started the course. When the guy I was seeing came back from vacation, I mentioned to him that he may have passed something along to me, he apologized that I was in pain but denied having anything to do with my 'issue' which didn't seem right because he was the only person I'd been intimate with & he was denying having anything. Suspicious that he wasn't telling the truth, I went into the bathroom, looked in his travel kit & I found a topical antiviral ointment for cold sores (oral hsv) just not sure of which strain of the virus he had as hsv can be type 1 or 2 located on the mouth or genitals. He got angry with me & told me he'd disclosed having hsv when he clearly hadn't. Advice? as he's still denying transmitting to me.
U could probably file simple assault charges against him. U may also sue him civilly for any medical expenses. Usually...
What can I do in this situation?
My sister paid her past fines and back taxes and even had to retake the driving course test to get her license back, she even paid an SR22, no we are trying to get her a car and when we went to register it, they are saying she is blocked because her license is suspended, but yet it was mailed to her 4 months ago, she really needs this car to get back and forth to work and get her kids to school. What do we do?
I suggest that you go straight to the source, call the good folks at RI-DMV at 401-462-4368 and ask them directly....
DUI -EXpenuged
I read that DUI/ non violent crimes can be expunged. Is this true ?
Yes DUI are expungeable after 5 years from the end of sentence. The fee is 100 dollars and u must b a first time...
How long do I need to get a SR-22 on my license for a refusal?
It's been almost a year since the charge do I still need an SR-22
U need it for three consecutive years without any interruption
Will multiple misdemeanor DUI convictions prevent me from obtaining my real estate license in RI?
I am thinking of pursuing my Real Estate License. I have three misdemeanor DUI convictions (2008, 2012, 2014). I'll save the excuses and just say I've been sober for 2 years and 2 months. Regardless, they are there. None of them are felonies because the first and third weren't within 5 years. I don't want to go through the expense of taking classes, etc. only to find out I won't be eligible because of my past. I do currently hold another professional license to sell property and casualty insurance in RI and in all 50 states plus DC, and have not had any problems, setbacks or disciplinary actions from any of the State Insurance Departments - aside from CA where they required me to write written explanations for each offense for subjective review. Anyway, do any attorneys familiar with Real Estate in RI know if these convictions would prevent me from obtaining this license? Thanks. The application seems to be...
Dui out of state home state Connecticut ... State of arrest RI .. Is this my first offense or 2nd and will I be going to jail?
I was arrested for a dui in RI it's a long story but I think I was drugged at the bar because I don't remember any thing. It was during spring break ...The thing is I'm from CT and also had a dui two years ago. I took the alcohol classes and the charges where dropped. Will this be my second offense or my first offense and will I go to jail. No one was hurt and there was no accident: I'm just worried sick and can't believe i have to shame my family again. If I was of sound mind I would of just slept it of or got a taxi but I don't remember and that is what truly worries me. the only logically reason I see that cause me to drive was that I was trying to get away from someone. Any information would be great thank you, Sandra
You should retain a Rhode Island DUI lawyer as soon as possible. In RI, DUI convictions from other states do count...