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  • Federal Survey: Half of Hate Crimes Go Unreported

    Saturday Jul 1 | via Big News 

    The majority of hate crimes experienced by U.S. residents over a 12-year period were not reported to police, according to a new federal report released Thursday that stoked advocates' concerns about ongoing tensions between law enforcement and black and Latino communities. More than half of the 250,000 hate crimes that took place each year between 2004 and 2015 went unreported to law enforcement for a variety of reasons, according to a special report on hate crimes from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


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Can I beat my dui charge that is for alcohol and other substance? Or can I atleast prove that I was not under influence of drugs
I went through a road block and I was asked to step out. The officer breathalyzed me with a handheld device. He then searched my truck up and down and found nothing. He then arrested me and brought me to the station where I refused to take the "on record breathalyzer test". I got a refusal of a breathalyzer dui charge that says I was impaired by alcohol and other substances. Even though the officer found nothing not even alcohol.
Yes, you have a chance to "beat" this type of charge, especially if you first consult with and then hire the right type...
How do i get out of a wrongful dui?
i was pulled over for my tag. searched, vehicle towed spent eight hours in jail for dui w/bonding out without having alcohol or drugs or testing. I plead guilty in court , only to be locked up again because i didnt have the 700 dollars for my other tickets in court and was set a trial date. This is 3 hours away from my home and i didnt have a way to make it so i called and was informed it was nothing they can do, So now i got a letter saying im convicted of a dui and i have to go to alcohol safety classes and i dont even drink. Im a veteran i respect the laws but i dont feel like this right at all. What do i do?
I'm having a hard time understanding why you pled guilty to a "wrongful" DUI? Please tell me how that happens.
What is the penalty for 4 DUI's in Mississippi?
Was waiting on a court date for the first 3 DUI's and was recently stopped for the fourth one.
How are you waiting for a court date on first 3 DUI's and get a 4th? How close together were these occurrences? Jail...
Drivers license suspends in MS but lived in TN..may need a lawyer to help?
My license is currently suspended and registered in the state of Mississippi. They became suspended when I lived in the state of Tennessee. I want to pay the ticket that got them suspended but have several moving violations in that state of TN. Will I have to clear the entire debt before I can get my drivers license reinstated? Can a lawyer help me?
You will have to clear everything up in TN - i.e., pay all your fines. You can do this yourself but it would probably...
Are you considered a convicted felon for breaking probation on dui?
my son has a federal dui first offense he had 4 mos of probation left when he violated his prob. due to failing monthly drug screens, not filling out reports, not reporting his move such as that. judge sentenced him to 6 mos in federal prison, is that normal? he did not get arrested for anything, just didnt follow rules. i could see a halfway house or camp or something, but prison? it is considered low security but prob. officer is telling me he is now a convicted felon, i just think its a little harsh for a non violent first offense dui
Commiting a probation violation on a misdemeanor DUI will not turn the DUI conviction from a misdemeanor into a felony....
Will Houston come to pick you up from Ms for dui felony?
What if you have a dui felony and live in ms will tx come and get you if you're already facing penitentiary time.
Possibly. Contact a DUI lawyer asap.
I failed 4 tests and I'm afraid I'm owe 269 more in fines am I going to jail
I have a possession of cocaine charge and I failed 3 for marijuana and one for cocaine I'm so afraid
You may have any probation or withheld sentence revoked requiring you to serve the sentence. You need to show some...