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Can you get charged w/DUI if in an accident, but not arrested and unwillingly gave blood at hospital while unconscious?
So, I had a head on collision that I barely survived, was barely even drunk, report says, BAC was .09...but if I never was arrested and didn't do a field sobriety or breathalyzer, and they just took my blood unwillingly at the hospital and while I didn't even know, is that legal?
Yes. The Supreme Court has held that when there is an accident, the police can take a blood sample without a warrant....
Should I write a DUI leniency letter to my preliminary hearing judge before the hearing? Is is ok to do that?
I just heard its a good idea to write a letter to the judge before the hearing. that is may help me out. I know how I should write it, but I just don't know if I should write it to the preliminary hearing judge, or wait till after, if it goes to the main hearing at county court. But I've also heard that things can settle and be done with at the preliminary hearing.
Have you talked to your attorney about this?? Has anyone explained to you the purpose of the Preliminary Hearing?...
Will I be able to obtain a license to carry a gun in Westmoreland County, PA if it is ten years after my third DUI?
First DUI in 2008, second DUI in 2009, and third DUI in 2014.
Because of the amount of DUI's, you would not be permitted to receive a permit to carry. There is an appeal process,...
What kind of penalties am i facing, and is there any chance of lessening the offense? and Est. cost if i use public defender?
I got charged with a 1st Offense DUI with a BAC of 11.9%, also got charged with failure to carry registration, disregard traffic lane and careless driving. i submitted to the sobriety test, and they took me the hospital where i also willingly submitted to a BAC test. I have a few speeding tickets on my record over the years and no criminal history. I really worried about this because i know im going to lose my job because i deliver pharmaceuticals for a pharmacy.
Excellent questions! I suggest that first thing tomorrow, you contact the Westmoreland County Public Defender and make...
I have 3 DUI convictions in Westmoreland County in 10 years. Can I get a concealed carry license for a gun?
1 ard, 2 guilty pleas,no incarceration
You will not be approved with two misdemeanor convictions for dwi
I'm on house arrest for driving on a DUI suspended license. I want to go to a rehab facility. Can I go before I'm off HA?
I just wanted to know if I could ask my PO to go to a rehab while on house arrest?
You can obviously ask your PO about the hoped for rehab. I would be very surprised if you got anything other than...
Is there any way to get out of the ASAP requirement for Virginia DUI
My wife recieved her first offense DUI in april 2013 in Virginia Beach, VA 1 month before we moved. I deployed overseas and she was scheduled to move back to Pittsburgh, PA. The programs in her area, (greensburg, PA)according to the ASAP counselor she was assigned, do not complete the requirement and we cannot afford outpatient rehab. (which was the option she was given in place of ASAP by the counselor) If she completes every other requirement (breathylizer for 6 months, MADD meetings, AA meetings, pays all fines) is there any way to get out of the actual ASAP class obligation?
She should speak with her Virginia attorney. Since VA beach is a tourist/miltary town, he may have dealt with this in...