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Why do I have to go to county criminal court to get my car from impound and what does my lawyer need to prepare?
this is my second DWI, first was in 2007 and now this one which is just shy of 10 years. they are calling it a class E Felony. there was no accident. I was stopped on the side of the road, not even pulled over by the police, just simply looking for my cell phone. I was supposed to receive a letter RE the car but I never did... how do I procede? how do i prepare for this and why is it being held in the county court in front of a DA as opposed to the town court, Easthampton which is where I was arrested and arraigned.
First thing that needs to be done is for the lawyer to get the police reports and determine whether you were in Actual...
I just got a 2nd DWI my first was in 2010...what should I expect?
First one I blew .85, got probation for 3 years, interlock, lost my license and had to do rehab and DMV classes too. I also paid a lot of money for a criminal attorney I live in Suffolk County NY. I got another Thursday night and blew .10, I had a $5000 next court date is Tuesday what should I expect? Do I kill my self now?
I suggest you read the information at: I...
Is there a law in nys that says I cannot get my second Dwi within 10 years reduced?
My first dwi was in 2007, I just got the second on April 9th 2017. I blew .17 and am being charged with class e felony.
there is no restriction on reduction of a felony DWI to a misdemeanor or other charges. A lesser charge can only be...
There's nothing really to be released from early. A conditional discharge, which is a fantastic sentence with a felony...
Can I drive in another state while Im on probation with a DUI in New York?
I am on probation cannot drive in New York. But I need to travel to north Carolina and will it be possible to do so? Do other states know that my liscence is suspended?
Your privilege to drive is not automatically suspended in North Carolina. You need to check with DMV or a NC lawyer to...
Can I be denied a nys security license if I was convicted of a Dwi 7 years ago and spent 5 days in jail
Also I was on SSI with medical records indicating that I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia would that come into play when I get fingerprinted
This is not strictly a Social Security question, even though you have gotten SSI. The short answer is agencies have...
What should I do since I violated tasc probation after dwi sentence: go back to judge or get a scram bracelet?
I was given a conditional discharge from dwi and 1 year probation with suffolk tasc on long island ny.I am in treatment but drank after sentencing. Tasc will put scram bracelet on me or said I can go in front of judge.
It's up to you if you can live with the SCRAM or take your chance in court with the DA possibly asking for more severe...