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  • Mother, 34, who donated her eggs to childless couple...

    Yesterday | via Daily Mail 

    'The whole thing just seems very shady': Friend of high-flying doctor 'who died from cocaine overdose' says she was just out for a 'quiet night on the town' when he saw her hours before her death Outrage as female judge berates and then JAILS sobbing domestic abuse victim for failing to appear in court at trial of her attacker Botched surgery on an aneurysm in his stomach made Joe DiMaggio impotent after his failed marriage to his great love Marilyn Monroe, new book claims Have scientists found alien life on Pluto? Rumors of an 'amazing' announcement sweep the internet, but Nasa says there's no new Horizons update Oklahoma used WRONG drug in January execution of man who raped and murdered a baby - and it was the same chemical mistakenly sent to kill inmate last week EXCLUSIVE: The VIEW they don't want you to see.


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  • Police seek help to identify 3 people involved in Gr...

    Thursday Sep 24 | via Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal 

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What happens if you get driving after rev and you miss second court date?
revocation was because of a owi...(1st)
Since you probably did not have an attorney appear for you at that court date, since you're asking us, there was...
I lost my license in Michigan almost 10 years ago. every year I apply, is there any state where I can apply if I move there?
lost license almost 10 years ago. I have applied every year to get my license back. done everything they have asked me to do to get my license back. sick of the games.
What was the reason you lost it in the first place? Without that information it is difficult to tell you how other...
Question about Wisconsin DUI 2nd offense. Please help!?
My mother has been pulled over once in 2011. She was arrested for drunk driving. This was her first offense. Last week of this year she was pulled over for her second offense. She blew a .22 on the breathalyzer. I believe .8 is safe? I'm hearing that she will have to do jail time. Is there anything less that the judge will give her? Like something out of jail? What are the chances? As much as people make mistakes my mother doesn't belong in jail. She never hurt a fly or committed any other crimes. Thank you to those who answer.
There is a 5 day minimum jail sentence for OWI 2nd cases. She's looking at a lot more time than that considering the...
Should i hire an attorney? 2nd OWI on ATV within 5 years.
I got in an ATV accident on May 21st & was transported to the hospital. Upon being transported the Cop gave me a breathalyzer, i was over the legal limit. Upon arriving home from the hospital i had 2 tickets in the mail, i was to report to court for the OWI on ATV charge. I showed up for court no one was there, they had no record of that ticket but had the driving on highway ticket. They had switched court that week. It is going on 3 months and i still haven't heard anything. I called the hospital & they said the judge did not sign the form to get my blood records and that is probably what they are waiting on. Is there anything i can do about this? if i didn't show up for court it would be contempt on my part, so why not on the judge? Thanks in Advance.
It sounds like someone is trying to get your hospital records to use against you, without a release, or a properly...
Got a OAR, revoked due to a DUI, have to go to court Tuesday, really want to avoid Jail...what kind of penalty am I looking at?
Got the original DUI last march, drove without an IID in my car.
It really depends on the district attorney and the judge, as well as how many times you have been convicted of OAR. I...
Is there really any thing I can do about a DUI plea deal that is now invalid due to a new state law? Violation Classification
I received a "baby PAC" plea deal in 2010 and know from reading online that deal is no longer valid. I was told that if I entered into this deal that in ten years the arrest and violation would come off my record. My attorney is the one who told me that this was a good deal as I was deployed at the time and couldn't be in the states. Now I looked into it a little more and that bit of relief I was hoping for will not come, I was wondering is their anything I can do? Also is a PAC violation of less than .10 first offense criminal traffic, as I am applying to become a teacher and curious because I am very unsure.
If you acted in reliance on the belief that the conviction would come off your record, you may be able to try to either...
Why was my boyfriend not arrested hit and run when I have no interlock system on my car?
A while back my live in boyfriend drank some rum and look my car while I was sleeping. How received an OWI and was required to have the interlock system on his vehicle. He woke me up the next morning and told me crashed my car hitting a parked vehicle and left it. He wanted me to report it stolen. An officer came to my house not long after. He admitted to driving my car with out permission. The officer took his name and gave him a ticket for hit and run. He not even force to appear in court. Why was he not ticketed or arrested that day?
You'd have to ask the officer, or try obtaining a copy of an police report related to the hit & run charge.