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  • Police offer $1,000 reward

    Tuesday | via Daily Reporter 

    Police are now offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a Greenfield man accused of killing the passenger in his car in a drunken-driving crash. Investigators recently announced that after nearly a month of searching, they got word Jason Phelps, 42, 640 S. State St., Greenfield, planned to turn himself into police.


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  • $1,000 reward offered for information on suspecta s ...

    Tuesday Apr 25 | via Daily Reporter 

    Police are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the driver in an alleged drunken-driving crash. Jason Phelps, 42, of Greenfield, is accused of causing the crash that killed his girlfriend last month; recently, a lawyer for Phelps said the defendant would turn himself into police.


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  • Police: Man sold heroin

    Saturday Apr 8 | via Daily Reporter 

    A suspected heroin dealer was arrested this week after a months-long investigation by a detective who was added to the Greenfield Police Department last year to specialize in narcotics investigations. An anonymous tip led local investigators to 21-year-old Clinton Parrish, who now faces five drug charges at the conclusion of a five-month investigation.


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  • Expert: Man not fit to stand trial

    Wednesday Apr 5 | via Daily Reporter 

    A developmentally disabled man will not stand trial on the rape charge he faced after a judge decided he was unable to understand the proceedings. Robert Ward, 56, Anderson, will be committed to the Indiana Department of Mental Health indefinitely, where he can receive specialized counseling and care, officials said.


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  • Three arrested following overdose in Greenfield home

    Tuesday Apr 4 | via Daily Reporter 

    Three people face felony charges after investigators found drugs - including jello infused with THC - in their home while first-responders were treating an overdose victim, according to reports. Prosecutors recently filed multiple drug-related charges against two men and a woman living at 6331 W. County Road 100N, Greenfield.


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  • Prosecutors: Alibi wona t hold up

    Saturday Apr 1 | via Daily Reporter 

    Days after the murder suspect filed a notice with the court stating he'll have two friends testify he was with them on the night of a Greenfield woman's slaying, prosecutors asked the judge to strike the notice from the official court record. There isn't enough evidence for the alibi to hold up in court, they say; additionally, the alibi notice was filed 116 days after the deadline set by the court - too late to be considered, prosecutors argue.


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  • Man to serve 3 -year sentence

    Wednesday Mar 29 | via Daily Journal 

    A man who took off with his girlfriend's children in the vehicle has been sentenced to 3A1 2 years in prison for the two-hour ordeal, according to court records. Jacob T. Richardson, 21, 911 Yandes St., Franklin, was ordered to prison after he pleaded guilty to three charges relating to the incident that started in Franklin and ended in Greenfield last year.


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  • Prosecutors file drunken-driving case as statute of ...

    Mar 24, 2017 | via Daily Reporter 

    He remembers standing at the corner of State Road 234 and County Road 300W on that summer afternoon in 2012; remembered how the pickup truck was wrapped around a utility pole; how he immediately suspected the driver had been drinking. Five years passed without any word of the investigation, he said.


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  • Attorney: Murder suspect has alibi

    Mar 24, 2017 | via Daily Reporter 

    A man accused of strangling a Greenfield woman to death with the sash of her bathrobe has an alibi proving he couldn't have committed the murder, his attorney says. In a notice filed with the court this week, attorney John Merlau told the judge his client, Spencer Spielman - who faces charges of murder and robbery in the death of 52-year-old Patricia Dresser of Greenfield - could not have killed the victim because he wasn't with her at the time of the slaying, according to court records.


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  • Woman to serve 3 years

    Mar 22, 2017 | via Daily Reporter 

    A promise to get clean and better herself kept a Greenfield woman out of prison after she admitted to beating two young boys who found their Christmas presents and opened them early at her home. Sascha Collins, 37, 93 S. County Road 500E, Greenfield, will spend three years on probation after pleading guilty to a single felony count of battery as part of an agreement with prosecutors.


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Greenfield Law

How long does the state have to submit known evidence to the court and still be admissable at trial ?
I am currently in the process of fighting an O.W.I. and I didnt take a PBT nor field sobriety tests so they took my blood via warrant . this was 7 months ago . The state filed the discovery and my blood test results was not inculded nor was there any mention of them in any part of the discovery , so me and my atty. asked for them after 6 months of delay they finally provided .
It is not unusual for the State lab to take months to turn around test results and this does not make them inadmissible.
Im on probation for a dui. I stole something from sister in law and shes pressing charges
Ive been on probation since aug. 09 and will be off in oct. 2010. I recently stole a ring and necklace from my sister in law and pawned it and she is pressing charges. At the time i was on a few different kinds of medication(although not an excuse)and didnt really realise what i was doing. I spent 7 hrs. in Hancock county jail and really dont wanna go back to jail. Can you give my some advice on what i should do? Also what punishment can i expect? Is there anyway to avoid jail time?
Jail time is much more likely as a second offender when serving probation. Hire a lawyer. DO NOT POST ANYTHING...
Will I get a Dui or will I be charged with anything?
I was driving home late after having a few drink at a friends house. I ended up rolling my car into a ditch. The police were called by a witness and I was given a field sobriety test and then later taken to the hospital for a blood test. After the blood test the officer let me go. I was not arrested. I understand that it takes about 6 weeks for the lab results to get back, but I'm still uncertain about what's going to happen next.
Since we don't know what you mean by "a few drinks," none of us can really answer that question. If your BAC was over ....
Can you fight against not blowing through a breathalyzer while walking intoxicated, no other tests were given?
I was walking through my university while being intoxicated I was instantly asked to blow through a breathalyzer and i refused to blow when they cuffed me. They read no rights nor did they give me any other sobriety tests
An experienced DUI attorney needs to review discovery and discuss this with you. Most offer a free consult. Even if...
Will I be charged for a DUI?
My friend had a family emergency and had to get home earlier than expected and we had a few drinks at the bar. When we got to his house the police were already there and my friend went inside with them. After the situation concluded the police came out and questioned me. They asked if I was drinking I said yes and they did a breathalyzer test on me. I blew over but they did not arrest me, ask for my license, or even my name. They said this was a warning and said you should spend the night here. With all that being said, is there a chance of me being charged?
No one can say for certain if you will be charged. That is up to the prosecutor. However, given the circumstances that...
What are the reqmnts re: info collected from hard drive, network activity, etc for that info to be used (or not) in a legal case
Relative convicted in criminal trial and is looking for any Indiana and Federal Rules of Evidence concerning the collection and use of "MetaData" in a forensic investigation for use/compliance for use in a court case to be considered valid evidence. Relative states: "[police] supposedly did the forensic investigation on the hard drive(s) from the laptops taken from the house, nothing found on the drives according to [public defender] as of day before trial but then claim by state police of "window washer" program traces (previously not disclosed to defense, violation of rules of evidence). They, the state police, also did not provide a "record of content" to the defense or the prosecution prior to trial that detailed what was and what wasn't actually on the drive(s). They also didn't provide a chain of custody that showed which drive the got the alleged "window washer" software, also a violation of the rules of evidence and also another point that [pub def] just let slip without challenge when he was questioning the [police] investigator and failed to collect on cross examination after disclosure during the prosecutors questioning (error of counsel/ineffective assistance)"
There isn't enough space to explain the complexities of the rules of evidence. If your relative is looking to appeal...
What does it mean when the jail release you but never took your fingerprint in or going out of jail
Feel asleep woke up to police. Was giving a breathalyzer and eye nose test. Cleared at scene to leave someone from homeland security take me to the hospital to draw blood. Not tested charged with ovwi
It would be best if you consult a local DUI attorney. Most give free consults. Do not try to go this alone. You...