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I moved from IL to NY and got a DWaI here. I paid all the fines, went to court, etc and it all ended here so I went to the DMV to get my license after the NY suspension period and IL had put a hold on my license. My question is what are my options? My license was expired and I paid the fine for driving without a valid license. Doesn't that mean I was driving without a license? How does IL have the right to punish me for something I did in another state without a license (the only connection to IL)? Should I get an OOS hearing packet and do that whole thing as it said on the Sec of State's website? Or is my only option trying to get it down to reckless driving? I don't want to go back to court so this is not really an option for me. Also can someone tell me if Im actually charged in IL now?
You need to repost this in the Illinois section as it sounds like clearing the Illinois hold will enable you to restore...
I had an accident where nobody was injured. I rolled my truck in a swamp while avoiding an oncoming car in my lane and a deer in there's. They left the scene. i was pretty shook up and drank a pint of whiskey from my trunk while waiting for help to show up. The police gave me a field sobriety test with-which I would not be able to pass sober as my head ached. They processed me at the County dept. and said I had a 1.8 BAC. I PD representation. The police did not call and ambulance or send me to the hospital. The ADA offered a plea bargain of dropping the aggravated in lieu of guilty plea to DWI. I countered for DWAI only. If I take this to trial, could they find beyond reasonable doubt that I drank before the accident ? The police took the empty bottle from me. I now have 75% hearing loss
Wrong forum. Re-posting it for you in the criminal law section.
Its going on 2 years was wondering if I could fight dmv and at least get a conditional license for back and forth to work. They said I can reply after 5 years is there anything else I can do to try and get it back sooner? or is that the final answer?
After exhausting the administrative appeals process you can bring an Article 78 in Supreme Court in an attempt to have...
I was in an accident, no one was hurt except for me. There was property damage which my insurance paid for. I had been driving for about fourteen hours when it happened. There was a loss of consciousness and altered mental status due to the severe blow to the head. Still the trooper on scene questions me. I don't remember the accident so I don't know if I was ever read my rights. At the hospital they withdrew my blood on the grounds that I was unconscious, while telling my family I was sleeping. So no warrant was obtained for my blood, I was not coherent enough to refuse or consent. I am very frustrated, not sure if my lawyer is doing the best thing for me. If I plead guilty to DWAI the other misc tickets are dropped. I don't want to say I was drinking when I wasn't.
Is the drug you were taking on the list of prohibited drugs set forth in Public Health Law section 3306? If its not, I...
me and my boyfriend got into an argument and i called the cops saying he punched me and pushed me down the stairs. he grabbed my sweater trying to bring me up the stairs and i fell. i had an order of protection on him before and now they have a restraining order on him. i want to change the statement and drop charges because he didnt do what i wrote and i didnt agree to pressing charges in the first place i just signed the paper
You must be careful as you don't want to be charged with filing a false complaint. You might consider speaking to the...
Im being charged with DWI Class e felony in NY. Ive passed all my drug tests gone to treatment. Im spending a ridiculous amounts of money on treatment public transportation mandatory classes . Plus Drug court makes you pay 1500 before you even graduate plus on top of the fines the will give me when it gets dropped to a misdemeanor. All drug court is doing is making it from a felony to a misdemeanor and causing me some serious grief. Can i withdraw from drug court and take it to trial? If I have a good lawyer can I shoot for a 6-5 split? I really am at my wits end with this program.
Drug court is difficult because (in your case) it offers a sure thing ... a misdemeanor in place of a felony. The...
i had a DWI in 2007 and the DMV took my license for an extra 5 years and said I could reapply in Feb 2014 . I don't know what place I fall in the new laws.
I assume you also have a new DWI conviction. You will receive a one year suspension plus an additional five year...