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Can 2 DUIs affect the road to citizenship?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2000. I am a permanent resident in California. I am thinking of becoming a citizen. I'd like to know if the DUIs can affect or deny my citizenship?
No. Those two DUI convictions can no longer "affect the road to citizenship" iF you had no other convictions after that....
Should I consult internal affairs over a crooked DUI?
I was napping in my parked car and awakened by police. It was hot so I felt drowsy. I take medications, same ones for years, none that directly say not to drive. I was parked though. He took my liscense and gave me some pink form checking that I was unresponsive. I had my son with me and he threatened me with child endangerment if I didn't go along? How is this legal?
Sorry, but you had to get where you were somehow. Your son did not drive, so by circumstantial evidence, the police...
Can I get this mandatory Ignition interlock device dismissed?
I received a dui in 2013 and fulfilled all the requirements by 2015 including paying off my court bills. I was pulled over December 2016 for driving on a suspended license; not under the influence whatsoever. I had tried to get my license reinstated after fulfilling my dui requirements but a medical hold was on it from several years back that i was just recently able to get removed. The judge I saw for my case gave me an order to install an interlock device I'm guessing because I had a dui in the past. Is there a way I can get this modified or dismissed?
Bottom line is that the court and the DMV are two separate entities. Hire an attorney to deal with the DMV so you can...
Can my California Guard Card be revoked or suspended if I have a dui on my criminal record?
Last year, May 8, 2016 I was pulled over for drinking and driving. Yet, I wasn't convicted for the dui till January 22, 2017. The renewal time for my guard card is approaching and wondering if it will be revoked or revoked.
Anytime a license issued by the State is required it is subject to revocation for any criminal conviction. Check with...
"Will I be able to open a Medical Marijuana delivery or dispensary if I have 3 DUI's?' I do not know if they are relevant?
I have a passion and inner desire to do something I care for, with that being said would I be able to run a dispensary and or delivery service?
This is not a medical malpractice question, so I'm redirecting it to the business attorneys, since it relates to your...
How do I find out my DUI court date? What do I do if I have already missed it?
I lost the paper I was given from jail that has my court date. How can find out when the date is? What should I do if the date has already passed?
Best get done to the courthouse and have a clerk help you out. If you miss it ask for new date
What dose previous abstract amended mean? Also what dose court reported 1 year IID restriction?
Just want to know if my license is suspended. 12/07 I gotta dui I've paid everything I was supposed to but didn't complete my dui program
If you did not complete your DUI program, then California DMV is never going to give you a license. However, you can...