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What happens to my driving record if I'm dismissed of an OUI in court but not through the state motor vehicles department?
I had an OUI dismissed, but the laws of my state allow the Secretary of State/Bureau of Motor vehicles to give me the penalties separately, as if I had been found/pleaded guilty (based on breathalyzer results). My question is, even though my criminal record is clear of the charge, will my driving record ever clean up from it? I've noticed when looking for auto insurance quotes, they can be vague as to whether they're looking for convictions or just your driving record (or both). Thanks in advance.
The administrative suspension will remain on your driving record.
I'm trying to understand why my friend was given a 5 year suspension on a 2nd oui.
My friend was arrested for a 2nd oui 4/7/09. His first was at least 5 years before and he was charged with a driving to endanger in 2006. He was also arrested 10/4/09 for a violation of release. I don't have all the in between information and I don't know what he blew, just he wasn't very nice. To my understanding he should have recieved an 18 months to 3 year suspension. But was charged with a third strike and given 5 years- 90 days in jail. He is expecting to get his license back in August of 2015. Is there any explanation you can provide? And is there a chance he could get his license sooner?
He may be able to qualify for a license in CO after one year.
A relative traveled to Canada and was stopped at customs for a DWI. What are the specific rules ragarding DWI?
The DWI was more than 30 years ago.
Visiting Canada after receiving either court supervision or a conviction for DUI is not automatic. First, for...
Transportations of Drugs by a Minor
I have a summons to court for Transportation of drugs by a minor. I was stopped at 2 am driving my friends who weren't fit to drive. The cop explained that this could result in a suspension of my license which I find crazy because I had no clue there were drugs. The cop claimed the car reeked of pot like we were smoking but I let NO ONE smoke in my car. Should I consider getting someone to represent me on my summons date? It's only a civil offense but i feel as if the cop lied to search my passengers. No drugs were mine that was found. Possibly able to get the suspension dropped or the whole summons in all?
Consult an attorney in your area. This sounds like the sort of case that can sometimes result in a a favorable result.
I am wondering if I can get my license.
I moved to Maine from Colorado in August 2016. I got my license taken away for 5 years. I can apply for early reinstatement February 2018 but am required to get an interlock. This is ridiculous to me considering I did get one DUI but wasn't required an interlock but only 6 month suspension with required SR22. I have been reading online that Maine isn't a member of the Driver License Compact and my chances of obtaining a new license in this state would be doable. Would I be able to get a drivers license in Maine if I simply went in and applied for one by doing a driving test?
The short answer is "no." You may not, at this point, simply acquire a Maine license while your license remains under...
If marijuana is legal in my state, is the smell probable cause?
A police officer spoke to a group of people I was in and told a story of how he pulled over a woman who was all over the road, and when he approached her she reeked of marijuana. He said that she most definitely had to have smoked prior to getting in the vehicle, but since she didn't match the textbook definition of "impaired" based on his field sobriety test, he let her go because marijuana is legal. Not all cops are the same as this one, so arguably, if you are in a vehicle (operating or passenger) and you are pulled over, does the smell of marijuana coming from the car warrant a search even if it is legal? Specifically when the driver/passengers do not exhibit signs of intoxication?
Alcohol is legal and the odor of alcohol gives the officer the right to further investigate. Unless there is a...
My wife got a dui and I am deploying in a few months. Will the fact that she is the sole caretaker of our 2 year old help her?
Will the judge take the childcare and work situation into consideration? She works as an accountant full time and i will be gone for 6 months. We have no family around. This is first offense and she had a clear record previously. She was arrested in NH but has a Maine license. She has to drive 5 minutes over the border into NH to get to work in Portsmouth.
It is very important that you retain an attorney for this matter. He/she will be able to help obtain the best possible...